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Bawku: NCA rambo style closure of our radio stations disappointing — Radio Station Managers

Managers of the 4 radios closed in BawkuManagers of the 4 radios closed in Bawku
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Managers of four radio stations shuttered by the National Communication Authority (NCA) in Bawku, Upper East Region, have decried the heavy-handed tactics employed by the NCA during the closures, labeling them as alarming and disheartening.

The closure, executed by around 40 heavily armed military personnel, saw the NCA confiscating transmitters and temporarily seizing staff phones, which were later returned.

Kimsah Salama Abdul-Latif, manager of Source FM, recounted how NCA officials, in his absence, compelled his staff to hand over his phone and locate the transmitter. Although the phone was returned, the forceful entry and disconnection of equipment raised concerns.

Abdul-Latif urged the Upper East Regional Security Council to substantiate the alleged infractions that led to the closures. Similarly, Malam Ibn Kafidubu Zuquwati of Zahra FM emphasized the necessity for the NCA to conduct its duties professionally, expressing disappointment at the lack of evidence provided for their alleged wrongdoing, particularly in exacerbating Bawku's conflict.

Contrary to expectations, Zuquwati asserted that Zahra FM prioritizes educational and developmental content, distancing itself from contentious issues. Gumah Nurudeen, manager of Gumah FM, echoed dissatisfaction, condemning the forceful closures as a menace to journalistic freedom and media professionalism in Ghana. He urged the Ghana Journalist Association to intervene and address the situation promptly.

Aputiah Jambeidu, manager of Bawku FM, rebuffed allegations implicating the radio stations in stoking Bawku's conflict, stressing that the roots of the conflict precede the establishment of radio stations. Jambeidu urged authorities to tackle the underlying issues rather than scapegoating media outlets.

The closures in Bawku have sparked outrage among radio station managers, who demand transparency and accountability from the NCA. As tensions simmer, calls for investigative action and responsible governance resonate within the media fraternity and beyond.

Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

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