Bui National Park need investors - Park Manager

Science Bui National Park need investors - Park Manager
FEB 21, 2024 LISTEN

Mr Samuel Annan-Riverson, the Manager of the Bui National Park in the Banda District of the Bono Region, has called on investors to capitalise on its huge economic potentials to invest in the park.

He said the prospects of the about 1,821-kilometre Square Park, the third largest wildlife protected area in the country, remained untapped and called on both local and foreign investors interested in partnering with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to develop it.

In an interview during a visit to the park, Mr Annan-Riverson told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the Park cover 60 per cent artificial lake and more than 20 acre-Island around the Bui Power Generating Station’s enclave.

According to Mr Jacob Kwadwo Yeboah, the GTA Officer stationed at the park, the area had vast land for development, and so investors could invest in hotels, recreational centres, restaurants, and sports complexes.

The Part that was established in 1971, is a natural habitat and a sanctuary for hippopotamuses, and if well-developed, it could be one of the exciting tourists' attraction sites in the country.

Mr Peter Dzobo, the Park's Tour Guard told the GNA the lake contained more than 20 hippos, saying, about 150 of the animals also inhabited the Black Volta.

The Park is bisected by the Black Volta, in a typical woodland savanna zone in the Bono and Savannah Regions.

It has spectacular gallery forests along rivers courses and contains many antelopes, cat and turtle species, African pythons, other reptiles, and mammals.