Mon, 29 Jan 2024 Letter

Triplets from your first 100 days as President of the Republic of Liberia

By Samuel Saah Karimu
Triplets from your first 100 days as President of the Republic of Liberia

His Excellency Hon. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, President of Liberia

Your Excellency,

Congratulations on assuming office as the President of Liberia. As you embark on this critical leadership role, I would like to express my unwavering support for your vision for the nation's development. I am writing this open letter to offer some suggestions on how you can achieve your first 100 days deliverables, with a specific focus on tackling corruption, poverty alleviation, and genuine reconciliation, as these remain imperative to achieving national prosperity.

1. Tackling Corruption:

Corruption has hindered Liberia's progress for far too long. To combat this deep-rooted issue and restore faith in governance, it is crucial to implement the following measures:

  1. Strengthen anti-corruption institutions: Empower institutions such as the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) with adequate resources and independence to investigate and prosecute corrupt practices.
  2. Enhance transparency and accountability: Promote open and transparent governance processes, including budgetary allocations, procurement procedures, and revenue collection, with active citizen participation and oversight.
  3. Implement whistleblower protection: Establish mechanisms to protect whistleblowers and incentivize citizen involvement in exposing corruption.
  4. Enforce stricter penalties: Ensure that those found guilty of corruption face severe consequences, avoiding any form of impunity and promoting a culture of integrity.

2. Poverty Alleviation:

Liberia continues to face high poverty rates, which require targeted initiatives to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable. To address this pressing issue, consider the following strategies:

  1. Develop a comprehensive poverty reduction plan: Formulate a holistic plan that addresses education, healthcare, agriculture, access to finance, skills development, and job creation.
  2. Foster an enabling business environment: Implement regulatory reforms to ease the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Encourage entrepreneurship and attract investments that would create jobs and enhance economic growth.
  3. Enhance social safety nets: Expand and improve existing social welfare programs to provide immediate assistance to households living in poverty.
  4. Invest in human capital: Prioritize investment in education and vocational training, ensuring that every Liberian has access to quality education and opportunities for skill development.

3. Genuine Reconciliation:

To heal the wounds of the past and forge a united and inclusive society, genuine reconciliation is paramount. Focus on the following initiatives:

  1. Facilitate truth and reconciliation processes: Support the establishment of an impartial truth and reconciliation mechanism to promote healing, accountability, and inclusion for all Liberians.
  2. Promote national dialogue: Organize platforms where citizens from diverse backgrounds can engage in open and constructive discussions on historical grievances and forge a common vision for the future.
  3. Support community-based initiatives: Encourage grassroots efforts to address community-level conflicts and foster social cohesion through reconciliation programs.
  4. Embrace national diversity: Demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity by ensuring that all ethnic, religious, and regional groups have equitable access to opportunities, resources, and representation in decision-making processes.

By prioritizing the fight against corruption, poverty alleviation, and genuine reconciliation, you will set Liberia on a path to prosperity and national unity. Your Excellency, I have faith in your leadership and encourage you to make these critical issues a centerpiece of your administration's agenda.

Wishing you a successful term of office and the realization of your vision for Liberia.

Yours sincerely, SK

Samuel Saah Karimu

A Liberian Project and Financial Manager Montreal, Quebec Canada