Ghana losing its pride and identity — The New Force decry political crackdown

Headlines Ghana losing its pride and identity — The New Force decry political crackdown

Political movement, The New Force is expressing displeasure over the unlawful arrest and detention of its activist, saying it reflects a disturbing trend of the NPP government cracking down on political dissent.

Shalimar Abbiusi, a spokesperson for the group, was reportedly taken into custody by the National Investigations Bureau—four days ago for questioning about the organization.

She has been denied access to legal counsel and her home was raided without a warrant, according to a statement from The New Force dated December 7.

"Is this really the Ghana we want? A Ghana where the abuse of power to intimidate and blackmail perceived political opponents and nationals of our partners? How much lower can we sink as a people?" said the statement.

“Ghana is losing its pride and its identity,” it stressed

Abbiusi's continued detention without charge beyond the legal 48-hour limit has raised "serious concerns about the abuse of power, persecution of perceived political opponents and several human rights violations," added the group.

They say the incident is just the latest example of NPP government using heavy-handed tactics to curb dissenting views.

They have complained of intimidation as billboards promoting The New Force have been vandalized in addition to what they described as unlawful arrest and detention, according to the group.

"We consider that these actions reflect the approach of cowards and persons who have lost the moral plot of leadership," the statement emphasized.

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