Individual Credit Scoring debate: Ghanaians blast XDS Ghana for backtracking, pulling down website, doing Bawumia's bidding

Headlines Individual Credit Scoring debate: Ghanaians blast XDS Ghana for backtracking, pulling down website, doing Bawumia's bidding

Some Ghanaians are questioning the credibility of XDS Data Ghana amid the debate on ‘Credit Scores’.

In the heat of the debate about whether credit scoring exists in Ghana, which had pitched IMANI against the Vice President of Ghana Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, XDS Ghana pulled down its website on December 1.

IMANI had previously posted excerpts from the company's website in which it advertised services it offered, including both credit scores and credit reports. This was one of the proofs the think tank gave that the credit scoring being promised by Dr. Bawumia is nothing new.

Then, on December 5, XDS issued a press release saying that it can produce credit scores, but it has not been offering that service because doing so requires Ghana Card penetration to reach 90%.

However, XDS Ghana has an old website that dates back to 2021 and isn't visible in direct Web searches:

According to IMANI's Franklin Cudjoe and Bright Simons, they tracked this down.

In posts on Twitter (X) and Facebook, the two think tank executives asked their readers to visit, go to the education page on the menu, and select "credit reports and scores".

Screenshots of that page do show that XDS has been advertising to its customers on its website that it offer credit scores in addition to credit reports even though their press release said it only offer credit reports for now.

After reading the press release from XDS Data Ghana and finding out that the company indeed has been advertising that it provides credit scores, some Ghanaians are now wondering whether they can be trusted.

A Ghanaian by the name 'Senyo' on X reacting to the issue questioned whether it is still possible to trust XDS Data Ghana.

“Your word is your bond, in the financial system more than anywhere else. So the credibility of xdsdata should now be in question. How can you trust the credit assessment report of an outfit that can be cajoled, brow-beated or manipulated to go back on its own word?” Senyo asked.

Another person by the name ‘Isaac A’ said, “Looks to me XDS has chosen to sacrifice their credibility.”

On his part, a user with the handle ‘Call me Alfredo’ described the backtracking of XDS Data Ghana as comical.

“One of the most comical things that happened this week was a credit bureau that has long advertised that they produce credit scores, making a u-turn to issue a press release that they have the capability but have never produced credit scores because they lack a unique identifier,” he said.

Another user on X with the username ‘Yesuba’ said “Please everyone has their master! I believe their a fraudulent company if they can change posture in the heat of events. No one must do business with them. If they're lying to suit the narrative of the veep then it's sad.”

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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