04.11.2023 Nigeria

Release Kidnapped Major General Duru-Igbo Mandate Congress Tells IPOB

By Obinna Akukwe
Release Kidnapped Major General Duru-Igbo Mandate Congress Tells IPOB
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Igbo Mandate Congress, first with credible Intelligence in the South East, do hereby asks the factional and splinter groups of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB whose agents and privies kidnapped Retired Major General Duru since Septmber and have not released him yet.

Major General Duru, member of the 33rd regular course of the Nigerian Army was kidnapped after insider information from moles led his captors to pursue and get him while driving in his jeep

Those who kidnapped Duru are members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra. They have links with the group who kidnapped and murdered Master Warrant Officer AM Linus with his Igbo fiancé Private G I Matthew. They also have links with the people who kidnapped a female soldier, Lieutenant P P Johnson, on the 26th of December, 2922, raped her, and later beheaded her and sacrificed her to a certain god that will bring Biafra.

Major General Duru is one of the persons who have been advocating for a non-kinetic approach to resoling the secessionist threat in the South East. He, with other Generals of South East extraction, is among the biggest advocates of using dialogue to treat the secessionist threat in Nigeria.

The reward the IPOB Urchins gave is to kidnap him with the intention of embarrassing both the Nigerian Army and Governor Uzodimma of Imo State for whatever reasons.

Igbo Mandate Congress learnt that those who kidnapped him were advised to collect millions from the family and later behead him to serve as lessons to all Igbo military officers to ether relocate out of the South East or steer clear of IPOB struggles.

Igbo Mandate Congress learnt that Major General Duru , though tortured, was still alive as at 15 th of October, but his captors were told to act as common criminals without links to any secessionist group, to avoid a backlash that will dent IPOB image and lead to a military renewed onslaught.

Igbo Mandate Congress describes it as unfortunate that while other geopolitical zones in Nigeria are sponsoring their best brains into the military, the Igbo miscreants masquerading as secessionists are killing them, and causing them to relocate from the region.

The same urchins will wail later that Igbos have no representation in the Security Council.

Igbo Mandate Congress was informed that none of the feuding actions in IPOB sympathized with the abducted General. None of them is willing to volunteer any information.

Igbo Mandate Congress operatives were told that Duru has been penciled for elimination. IMC warns of dire consequences for the region if a man who advocated for peace all through his life in the military is butchered by misguided miscreants bent on turning South East into Afghanstan.

Igbo Mandate Congress also hails Governor Otti of Abia State for having the courage to expose the kidnap merchandise going on between Lokpanta and Abia tower.

Igbo Mandate Congress asserts that those responsible for the kidnappings and murder at Lokpanta are Fulani bandits who collaborate with local traders and scouts. They sneak from around the market to collect ransom for unknown persons.

Igbo Mandate Congress supports the fencing of the market, and asks governor Otti to set up a vigilante to patrol the entire stretch of road where these illegal activities takes place.

Igbo Mandate Congress calls for the release of Namdi Kanu and more job creating opportunities for the dissident youth.

Rev Obinna Akukwe
Director General, Igbo Mandate Congress IMC