Mon, 25 Sep 2023 Feature Article

Paul Kagame's Decision To Run For Another Term, Is It A Political Blessing Or A Curse To African Democracy?

Paul Kagame's Decision To Run For Another Term, Is It A Political Blessing Or A Curse To African Democracy?

I'm not a Rwandan and I can't tell how they feel about President, Paul Kagame's rule and his recent declaration of intention to run for the presidency again. I was in Rwanda in 2014 and I saw the law and order in that country. I saw, also, how clean the capital was as compared to other cities or capitals across Africa which look like a refuse dump. I have many Rwandan friends and I love them. But who better tell the story of their situation than the Rwandans themselves?

However, I do have a simple opinion. If President Paul Kagame is doing what the people like, why can't he be the president for life? I have seen many African leaders who were doing so well for their countries, but as they refused to be remotely controlled by the West and America, they failed to remain in office as presidents and help develop their countries because they were ousted. No African president can defy the dictates of the West and America and still survive the political cataclysm these two blocks of external forces will bring against him. It has always been like to give a dog a bad name merely to hang it.

Today as we speak, most of the countries where these God-sent leaders ever ruled, are yearning for the return of such visionary leaders the West and America have misled their people to overthrow. Mention can be made of Ghana (Nkrumah), Libya (Gaddafi), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), etc. The overthrow of these leaders or their killing can't still be understood by many people except for the fact that they were tagged as undemocratic by the West and America. I would have thought that the West and America would always concentrate on the troubles in their backyard rather than poke their noses into the affairs of other sovereignties for their parochial interests.

It's an undeniable fact that the citizens of these countries are suffering because they were hoodwinked to overthrow their hard-working leaders. Therefore, Rwanda must think twice before they act. The West and America are already against Kagame's no-nonsense rule and they are doing everything possible to kick him out so that they can have their way. It will only be wise to refuse to be manipulated by the West and America if indeed, Kagame hasn't turned himself into a tyrant. Most of these leaders are usually ousted by their people and with the support of the West and America at the expense of development in their respective countries. These leaders weren't saints, so, they might have committed some errors in the course of their duties. However, their good deeds could outweigh what anybody might have thought to be negative. They loved their countries and were only protecting their countries against the selfish desires of the West and America.

The West and America certainly hate those who tell them the truth and they will infiltrate the citizens and use them to cause political upheavals only for the citizens to suffer the consequences of their actions later. Every country is independent and must be allowed to do what it wishes without any external forces. The West has the West, America, America and so, Africa should have Africa without any interference from any greedy external forces. If truly, imperialism is kicked out, there must be a measure of respect for every sovereignty and less external interference. I believe even in the so-called democratic states, there are issues of human rights violations. But no country goes about attacking them for that.

Africans and their leaders must know that any country in Africa that's doing well is a country that has refused to be ordered about by the West or America. All the countries that are suffering from economic hardship today are controlled either by the West or America or both. And it is because such leaders don't have the political will to tell the West and America the truth in their faces. Such leaders are gullible, weak in thinking, and worse of all, they are political armed robbers who are bent on robbing their poor citizens. Hence, they have sold their right to speak for their countries to the West and America.

To draw the curtains down, all Africans and their leaders must do well to resist the new form of imperialism and focus on what will give hope and development to their people. The West and America must also learn to respect the independence of countries in the world and stop using Africans against their leaders just to gain their parochial interests. If Kagame is doing a good job and fears that in his absence the worst will happen to the country he has suffered to build, what then will be the point of stopping him from running for the presidency again?

African/Ghanaians are watching!