Obuasi: Dr. Love Konadu launches book titled 'Woman Of War'

By Sampson Manu || Obuasi Municipal, ISD II Contributor
Book Release Obuasi: Dr. Love Konadu launches book titled 'Woman Of War'

Celebrated Obuasi-based Journalist, Pastor and philanthropist Dr. Love Konadu has successfully launched her book titled “Woman of War”.

The colorful event which took place on Thursday, 21st September, 2023 in Obuasi attracted huge patronage.

The 96-page book highlights the attributes of a daring, God-fearing, humble and knowledgeable woman who braved through the storm and labored to make her family and society better.

Reviewing the book, the Adansihemaa, Nana Amoanima Dede II admired the exploits of the author, Dr. Love Konadu for living an exemplary life.

She said Dr. Love Konadu has distinguished herself well as an astute Journalist, a pastor and a philanthropist.

She urged and recommended the book to all especially the youth, adding that it speaks volumes and tackles all aspects of life.

“The book conveys important messages to the youth who aspire to be adventurous, independent and successful. I am happy Dr. Love Konadu has shared her experiences and knowledge acquired in life in this book which is worthy of emulation,” Nana Amoanimaa Dede II noted.

Speaking with the media at the sidelines of the book launch, Dr. Love Konadu said her motivation for authoring the book stems from her personal life experiences and knowledge gained throughout the process which she said was worthy of sharing.

She said the book critically addresses issues of women who are less adventurous, laid back and irresponsible. She affirmed that it was about time women took the bull by the horns, took their destinies into their own hands and endeavor to leave a good name.

Dr. Love Konadu delved into the incidence of the killing of women which has dominated the media landscape in recent times.

She said that whiles the news are very disturbing, it was intructive for women to be conscious of their security by being around the right people. She further charged women to work hard, be economically independent and not rely on men.

On her expectations about the book, the renowned philanthropist who is also the President of Mama Love Foundation, a local NGO said, she was optimistic that those who will have the benefit of reading the book will learn lessons from her journey through life.

"I believe that this book will empower readers to trust their abilities and exploit their potentials to the fullest. Women especially must be courageous and aspire for greater things using myself as an example," she emphasised.

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