Wed, 06 Sep 2023 Feature Article

The Rampant Unpredictable Electricity Power Outage In The Builsa North Municipality Poses Serious Threats To Residents.

The Rampant Unpredictable Electricity Power Outage In The Builsa North Municipality Poses Serious Threats To Residents.

The rate at which electricity power goes off and on especially during the night within the Builsa North municipality is puzzling, irritable, and unacceptable, to say the least. What is highly pathetic is the fact that nobody tells anybody when this off-and-on situation of the light should be expected and why the residents suffer this unexpected and seemingly deliberate development. Even if it's a technical problem, for how long must it continue without any remedy?

The authority in charge of discharging this duty of providing us lights at our workplaces and homes, especially during the night should be customer-minded and unhostile in explaining to us what the core problem of this whole issue could be. Since the service isn't offered to us as a freebie, they owe us the right to explain to us what actual the problem is and why we should persistently endure this unfortunate situation. We all understand how "dumsor" works. It usually comes with notifications and probably a timetable as to how the management wants to go about it. Therefore, what's happening at the moment can't be said to be any "dumsor". So, what is it and why can't it be fixed all this while?

I don't want to believe it is a deliberate act by the management to subject residents to this agony. But how the situation is handled implies a lot. This chronic and unprovoked ambushing of residents with the frequent unpredictable lights out at night is alien and impressively disappointing. The act of putting off the lights at night is resulting in a dicey security threat to residents within the municipality. Undeniably, during the rainy season, the whole place is always busy with crops on people's farms while the grasses and trees also become greenish. Hence, it makes the entire environment look different and difficult for anyone to see through beyond even 100m. This poses a threat to residents, especially during the night.

These bushy places become hideouts for hoodlums, where they hang out and viciously carry out their nefarious activities. Even in broad daylight, it's dreadful to go about one's normal duties, not to talk about during the night, when the whole community is not only bushy but also dead silent and without lights. The presence of streetlights has drastically reduced security threats at night. But the recent unsustainable power supply is defeating the purpose of these streetlights in our communities if only it hasn't been defeated already. The whole place now becomes as dark as coal and makes a good breeding ground for criminal activities by those fit-for-nothing bandits.

No wonder in the municipality, the stealing of motorbikes has become a target of these criminals recently. Because the entire environment looks bushy and spooky and creates room for criminal activity during the rainy season, there is an urgent need to maintain a constant flow of electricity especially, during the night. This will prevent any kind of criminal actions and provide security to the residents.

Furthermore, the weather isn't always friendly and it can cause much sickness to residents. The availability of electricity makes the rooms cool to prevent any heat-related sickness. You can imagine how the number of CSM cases would have doubled if we were in the warm season. When fans are used at night, they also help blow away mosquitoes and prevent us from getting malaria from mosquito bites. The storage of some essential drugs at our health facilities is also affected by this act of electricity power outage without informing the people on time.

Another terrible thing this constant light-out causes is the destruction of home appliances which ranges from fridges, television, fans, sound systems, phones, computers, etc. Because the people are not pre-informed, they do not know when the lights will go off. So, they don't switch off their gadgets to prevent their burning by the interrupted power supply. The recent rampant electricity power off and on has caused a lot of destruction to many people's gadgets at home.

Also, the uncontrollable and recurring power outage is causing poor academic performance within the municipality. Most senior high school students in their final year need some extra time to study and prepare for their papers. But the lighting situation isn't helpful. Most students go to class only to return to their dorms in desperation owing to the lack of lights for them to learn. Even the other students who aren't writing their final papers but need the lights to prep are denied the opportunity to study during the night.

In conclusion, the absence of lights during the night is causing security threats within the community. The health state of the people is also at stake, and academic performance gradually coming to a halt. I, therefore, urge the authorities to work assiduously and timely to resolve the situation which will go a long way to improve the security situation and the living standards of the people within the municipality most especially, the students who are our future leaders.

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