Harlem Week Festival in New York features Cultural Oneness Festival

  Tue, 05 Sep 2023
Diaspora (USA) Harlem Week Festival in New York features Cultural Oneness Festival

On the 20th day of August 2023, The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and Harlem Tourism Board, celebrated her 49th annual “Harlem Week” on the theme “Be the Change. Hope. Joy. Love.”

The Harlem Week is an annual celebration of the best of Harlem which works to promote its rich African-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, and European history, as well as arts, culture, religion, business, entertainment, and sports.

Harlem Week began in 1974 as HARLEM DAY, a one-day event of encouragement and fellowship in Harlem for New Yorkers and beyond.

Given the huge success of the celebration, additional days were added to showcase the community’s rich economic, political, and cultural history.

For the first time, this year’s Harlem Week featured her Ghanaian partner, The Taste Of Afrika, the organizers of the Cultural Oneness Festival in order to extend the goodness of Harlem to their African brothers and sisters.

“We are proud to continue the tradition of Harlem Week, promoting our diverse history, arts, culture, and economic growth and for the first time extending our partnership to a promising socio-cultural Ghanaian/African brand, Cultural Oneness Festival which is a subsidiary of The Taste Of Afrika,” said William Tony Rodgers, President of The Harlem Tourism Board.

The Cultural Oneness Festival is an initiative to promote cultural awareness, domestic tourism and the diverse rich culture of Africa and its outgrowth in the diaspora.

As part of the partnership agreement between The Taste Of Afrika and Harlem Tourism Board, a mega show (The Cultural Oneness Festival) will take place in Tamale from 6th – 9th December 2023.

The Cultural Oneness Festival is considered to be one of the flagship activities to take place in the Northern parts of Ghana to climax the year under review.