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12.03.2007 General News

Poultry Deve't Board To Check Quality Of Inputs On Market


The Poultry Development Board (PDB), is to undertake random checks of poultry inputs on the Ghanaian market to ascertain their quality. Rev. Dr Kwabena Darko, Chairman of the PDB said at a forum of poultry farmers in the Volta Region.

The forum was to explain the mandate of the Board to the farmers and to seek their views on how to tackle problems facing the industry. Rev. Dr Darko said a recent check on a brand of poultry feed indicated that it was not only substandard, but also that the miller's knowledge of formulae for preparing poultry feed was suspect.

President J A Kufuor established the PBD on September 9, 2005, to among others issues advise government on the development, growth, modernization and sustainability of the poultry industry.

Rev. Dr Darko said the destiny of the industry was in the hands of the operators and called for fluid information flow between the Board and stakeholders to take the industry out of the current crises and make investment in it worthwhile.

Mrs Agnes Oteng, a banker and member of the Board took the meeting through processes and eligibilities for credit from the banks. She said though the country's banking laws required that banks could only give credit to clients with collaterals there were other opportunities for credit.