Discrimination against LGBTQ will send a signal to American investors that Ghana is not welcoming – US Ambassador warns

Headlines US Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Virginia Palmer
AUG 11, 2023 LISTEN
US Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Virginia Palmer

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer has noted that there will be grave consequences if Ghana discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking on the sidelines of the US-Ghana Business Expo, she said she hopes Ghanaians known for being tolerant and welcoming will not discriminate against the minority group of LGBTQ+ people.

She said discrimination will push away not only LGBTQ+ investors but other American companies as well.

“Ghana is a very welcoming, tolerant society, with lots of interreligious harmony, lots of ethnic harmony that makes Ghana strong and stable, and attractive for investments.

“I hope it stays that way with regard to the LGBTQI Community. There is money to be made, and the color of your money is green or red but if there is discrimination or worse then that will send a signal to not just LGBTQ investors but other American companies that Ghana is less welcoming than I am telling people that it is now,” US Ambassador Virginia Palmer said in an interview on Thursday, August 10.

The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill criminalises LGBTQ+ and its activities in the country.

Uganda has suffered a first hit after passing its anti-LGBTQ law.

This week, the World Bank has announced it will halt new loans to Uganda due to the passage of the bill.

The World Bank insists that financing of projects in Uganda will be paused until the anti-gay bill in Uganda is reviewed to go in line with its vision.

“Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act fundamentally contradicts the World Bank Group’s values.

“We believe our vision to eradicate poverty on a livable planet can only succeed if it includes everyone irrespective of race, gender, or sexuality. This law undermines those efforts. Inclusion and non-discrimination sit at the heart of our work around the world,” the World Bank said in a statement published by Al Jazeera network.

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Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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