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05.03.2007 Press Release

Stop Press-The Concert to release your inhibitions!!

Stop Press-The Concert to release your inhibitions!!
After the long wait, the highly anticipated concert is finally here. African music that a few have had the fortune to experience, and the privilege to enjoy is coming to Switzerland. This fantastic opportunity has been made possible by the celebrations of Ghana's Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Palexpo Switzerland.
Not only will you have the opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about, you will be able to take part in a global effort to end poverty by helping to select a project for the proceeds of the event to go to.
The line-up is explosive. The crème of African music will be on parade at this event. You miss this one at your own loss. There will be something for everybody.
There'll be Praye, three young and extremely talented musicians who set fire to any stage they step on. Their performance will cause your feet to disobey. You can't help but gyrate along to the funky beat of audio nectar.
Wutah, the name that's currently on everybody's lips, will follow them. Their style of mixing hiplife, reggae and pulsating Caribbean rhythm is a treat to the discerning ear. These two are behind the biggest reggae track in Ghana: 'Big Dreams', taken from their album 'Anamontuo'.
Then there's the Hiplife Ninja, Sidney, who needs to be experienced to be believed. He pulls the musical strings to your heart and gets you wondering where you've been all this while. Watch him start a melody that will be in your head for weeks to come.
Meiway is a secret weapon. Francophone and Flexible! You'll understand when you witness. Zoblazo will become a culture. The fluidity of the waist will become a reality. His dancers will get you practising in front of the mirror long after the concert is done.
Then we have the Maestro himself, Mr. Music Man, Kojo Antwi. This man is a legend in his own time. His style of music is a blend of unmistakably distinctive sound filled with evocative melodies and infectious lyrics. He brings the house down on any concert he is at.
Get a babysitter, for you'll be dancing all night.

Need I say more?
The date is Saturday 21st April 2007.
Venue: Geneva Palexpo.
Doors open at 19:30.
More details at: