​​​​​​​RE: From outside looking into the University of Education, Winneba – An Open Letter to the Vice-Chancellor, University of Education, Winneba

By Professor Sam Asamoah
Letter RE: From outside looking into the University of Education, Winneba – An Open Letter to the Vice-Chancellor, University of Education, Winneba
AUG 2, 2023 LISTEN

This is an open letter to express my deep concern and disappointment over the ongoing failure of the University of Education, Winneba to provide its students with timely access to their academic transcripts and certificates. As a concerned educationist, I believe it is essential to bring this issue to the public's attention as it greatly affects the future prospects and career opportunities of countless number of students.

In the modern world, the timely issuance of academic records is of utmost importance for students' success and advancement in their academic and professional journeys. However, it is disheartening to note that University of Education, Winneba has been consistently falling short of meeting this crucial obligation to its student community.

The class of 2022 completed its final exams in November 2022. To date graduation/convocation has not been done yet. Academic transcripts have not been released. The University has postponed graduation exercises twice on short notices in April and in June. Students paid and made arrangements to attend those exercises in vain. The University asked students to go to the campus on July 3 and July 5, 2023 to collect certificates and transcripts since they were postponing the convocation/graduation indefinitely. Several students hired buses and vans to go there for that partial exercise. To the utter dismay of the students, the Certificates were ready but the transcripts were not ready. What do the authorities of University of Education, Winneba take their students for? Are the faculty and administration not paid by Government for their services? This smacks of poor administration coupled with all the inefficiencies the students witnessed when they studied in that institution. I am afraid University of Education, Winneba is on the verge of collapse because of incompetence and inefficiencies displayed by the powers that be including the Vice Chancellor.

The consequences of this negligence are far-reaching and can have severe repercussions on the students' lives. Many students rely on their academic transcripts and certificates to apply for jobs, pursue further studies, and seek various opportunities. Unfortunately, the recurrent delays in obtaining these essential documents have caused undue stress and anxiety among the students, jeopardizing their chances of securing employment and accessing higher education institutions.

Numerous students have faced difficulties in fulfilling application deadlines, scholarships, and job opportunities due to the university's failure to provide timely transcripts and certificates. This not only hinders individual student progress but also tarnishes the reputation of University of Education, Winneba as a reputable institution, that is, if the tag of “reputable” can be said about that institution by any means.

Students have attempted to raise their concerns through official channels, but their grievances seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The lack of transparency and accountability in handling this matter only exacerbates the frustration and sense of helplessness experienced by the affected students.

In light of the above, I urge University of Education, Winneba to take immediate action to rectify this situation. The affected students demand the following:

  • A clear and comprehensive explanation from the university administration regarding the cause of the delays in issuing transcripts and certificates.
  • A specific and feasible timeline for resolving the backlog and ensuring that future requests for transcripts and certificates are processed promptly.
  • The establishment of a transparent communication mechanism, through which students can be regularly updated on the progress of their requests.
  • A commitment to prioritize and streamline the entire process of transcript and certificate issuance, aiming to provide a seamless and efficient service to all students.
  • Accountability for any administrative shortcomings that have contributed to this persistent issue.

Furthermore, I call upon GhanaWeb and other social media groups to investigate and highlight the plight of University of Education, Winneba students in your esteemed publications and social media. Shedding light on this matter could potentially spur the necessary changes and prompt the university administration to take swift action.

As a responsible citizen and a dedicated learner, I believe that education should empower and uplift, not hinder and restrict. I hope that through collective efforts with her students, the University can address this pressing matter and ensure that every student's right to timely academic records is upheld.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that GhanaWeb and other social media forums will use its platform to advocate for positive change and justice for students facing this unfortunate situation, not only at the University of Education, Winneba, but in several other higher institutions of learning in Ghana who are guilty of not issuing academic records on a timely basis to their students. Releasing academic transcripts can’t go past two weeks after final examinations.

Professor Sam Asamoah
[email protected]