In The Last Days Of The NPP Government, Many Will Defect And Declare Their Support For The NDC

Feature Article In The Last Days Of The NPP Government, Many Will Defect And Declare Their Support For The NDC
MAY 22, 2023 LISTEN

Many Ghanaians have come to terms with the NPP government's failures as well as the role that tribalism has played in the Ashanti Region's underdevelopment. I used to underestimate the impact of tribalism but after reading articles by some writers; I realized the strength of this psychological illness. They can’t even write about the president's crimes, his incompetence and laziness, let alone the pervasive corruption that has ruined the nation's infrastructure.

However, they spend all of their time writing pointless articles for which I am unable to discern the true motivations, considering that the public is so fed up with Akufo Addo's administration. The damage, suffering, and pervasive corruption in Ghana today, have changed the minds of the people and many don’t want to hear the name of the president. The NPP act as if they are unaware of what is happening, but in reality, Akufo Addo is the target of insults and expletives from all corners of the country.


The three incompetent and "corruptionists," Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Mahamudu Bawumia, have wrecked Ghana beyond remedy.

Everyone, including Dampare, is aware of this, and it is one of the reasons he arrested the man who insulted Akufo Addo, making sure to instill fear in the populace. Unfortunately, his actions inflamed many Ghanaians to the point where insults directed at Akufo Addo have risen. I feel bad for the individual since this happened to him because Ghanaian law is ineffective. Who can be able to inform me if anyone has heard of a president-insult arrest in a developed nation? Things are only stupid in Africa.

This demonstrates that the public no longer has faith in this government, and as a result, they are not wanted. The majority of Ghanaians do not want Bawumia or Kyerematen either because they are all a part of this disastrous government. Writing articles to persuade Ghanaians that the new IMF deal is better than past ones would not change their minds, therefore if you are a writer and find it difficult to write about the political calamity that has struck the country, don't waste your time trying. I can prove that.

The NPP politicians are aware that this government is supported by a frail thread that could break at any moment since, aside from their worst failure; they have no other means of persuading the populace that they are qualified to lead this nation. People in Ghana today, are suffering so much that they desire miracle emancipation; as a result, no one cares whether they receive a better deal from the IMF in terms of financial aid; instead, they want to be freed from this pain, which is still a long way off.

Why did the NPP government have to start working on street projects at night as a result of the by-elections? They are acting to remedy the problem because they are conscious of their failure, but the people are now wise and acting accordingly. The NPP government was seen in a video that has gone viral, giving rice to the poor due to their extreme predicament. How many days can a man survive on two cups of rice? The NPP administration is conscious that it has failed since Mahama has outperformed Akufo Addo, as already mentioned.

Below are John Mahama’s accomplishments in the Ashanti Region


  • Kumasi kejetia ultramodern market. (Contain school, police station, rest place, and hospital). One of the best in Africa.
  • Tafo market
  • Asawase market
  • Atonsu market


  • Sawiya hospital
  • 37 military hospital
  • Fomina hospital
  • Kumawu hospital
  • Tepa hospital
  • Bekwai hospital
  • Eye care center inside Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH)


  • Suame Road
  • Tafo Road
  • High School junction to gyenyase road
  • kenyase road
  • Bomso to high school road
  • kwetei to aduase road
  • Tech Campus
  • Fomina to boadi road
  • Bonwire junction to bonwire road
  • Aprade to pakoso road
  • Tikrom to bawoso to Antoa road
  • New Adubease town roads
  • Bekwae town roads
  • Bonfa junction to Asiwa road
  • Bekwai to Asiwa road
  • Kumawu to Droboso road
  • Tepa manfo to Subreso to Fante roads


  • Paakoso Community Day School
  • Agric Nzima Community Day School
  • Banka Community Day School
  • Adobe wura Community Day School
  • Adogyama Community Day School
  • Droboso Community Day School
  • Bosomtwe Oyoko Community Day School
  • Kwabena Kwakrom Community Day School
  • Asuoso-Offinso Community Day School
  • Adanse Apagya Community Day School
  • Adanse Fumso Community Day School
  • Tepa Manfo Community Day School
  • Adwira Community Day School


  • Kumawu water supply
  • Konongo water supply


  • Kumasi Shoe Factory
  • Kumasi Airport Expansion

I'll once more offer 500 Euros to any NPP politician or supporter who can give me a rundown of Akufo Addo's accomplishments in the heartland of tribalism Ashanti Region. They are witnessing it, and very soon, many NPP politicians and followers who believe their party is worthless will defect and join the NDC. Time will always tell, and you'll remember this article.