The military storming Ashaiman is in the right direction

Feature Article The military storming Ashaiman is in the right direction

The recent storming of Ashaiman by the Ghana military following the gruesome murder of one of their colleagues was in the right direction.

The rule is, two wrongs never make a right. However, as there are always exceptions to generally-accepted rules, l will go for the exception in this case.

The exception is, we at times resort to evil means to solve our evil problems. This is exactly what the military High Command did in the wake of the dastardly murder of their 21 year old colleague officer.

If they had not taken that no-nonsense stern action or approach, the assassins of their colleague for no justifiable reason would never be found.

Yes, some innocent citizens of Ashaiman had sadly suffered for a crime they did not commit, judging from the indiscriminate way the military conducted their operation to flush out the murderers.

Ashaiman is notorious for committing crimes and harbouring hardened criminals.

"If you dare me, l shall show you that l am an Ashaiman boy", some criminals may threaten to put fear in vulnerable people.

It was just right for the military to prove to the Ashaiman people that there are consequences to bear for being rogues with the love of committing heinous crimes.

It was just unfortunate that many innocent people had to suffer some brutalities at the hands of the soldiers in their such for the assassins of their colleague.

As the end justifies the means, the soldiers have been able to arrest the perpetrators of the said murder.

Again, they have sent a strong signal to the residents of Ashaiman, especially the criminals that it does not pay to be a notorious rogue but there is a price to pay.

Therefore, those good-for-nothing Ghanaian parliamentarians calling for the soldiers to be brought to book had better mind their words and watch their steps.

What had the parliamentarians been able to do to reduce or eliminate the crime rate in Ashaiman since all these "donkey" years? Zilch!

Are they happy for Ashaiman being such a no-go-area for many innocent people but only to be ruled by criminals who boast about their bravado?

Now that the soldiers have demonstrated their "man pass man", thus, their unrivalled professional bravery, to the people of Ashaiman, can the criminals brag about their boldness any longer?

Those Ghanaians condemning the soldiers and calling for the president of Ghana to reprimand them are to me jokers.

What effective steps had they taken to stop the crimes rampantly committed by the criminals in Ashaiman? None!

Are they happy for Ashaiman remaining such a crime-infested area in Tema?

I pat the military on their back for a job well done.

Next time, no criminal will disrespectfully dare attempt to kill a soldier for any stupid reason as it was the case of Imoro Sheriff, the 21 year old murdered soldier.

Let the parliamentarians understand that there is not much the president can do to the soldiers that carried out the operation for it was sanctioned by their military High Command for a good reason.

The end has justified the means!!
The best thing to do is to secure those innocent people that got injured during the military operation some free medical care and other assistance but not to stupidly condemn the soldiers.

The soldiers have my back on this operation flush out the murderers of Imoro.

"The soldiers cannot take the laws into their hands to behave in that manner in Ghana where democracy is in practice", some parliamentarians and Ghanaians argue.

May l ask those reasoning as stated above if in democratic Ghana people have the right to damage the water bodies, arable and fertile lands and forests to deprive Ghanaians their source of human sustainability and survivability? Yet, it is happening in today's democratu

In democratic Ghana do people have the right to commit crimes with impunity?

It is because of our stupid comprehension and practise of democracy that Ghana abounds in lawlessnesses and corruption detrimental to the development of the nation for the collective interests of Ghanaians.

Rockson Adofo
Friday, 17 March 2023