15.03.2023 Feature Article

Polygamy: play toy of the devil

Polygamy: play toy of the devil
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God created man and out of his rip, his helper was created his wife. While she has to help him he has to honor her. The first children out of this relationship lived in jealousy out of competition for love and meaningfulness, out of family and society fame. To kill a brother or sister in all religions is a sin as much as jealousy is.

Allah allows Muslim men to marry up to four wives. While Allah is a God and his word is holy the system of polygamy is a man-made decision based on the fact that man is never God nor perfected in God's will but rather an improvement of constant try and error over history in many places.

Jealousy and its sometimes deadly consequences (most murder cases are based on jealousy in all its forms) must be ended or significantly reduced by values practiced and actions taken to enforce systems that can prevent devastating effects on individuals and society. Polygamy is the burning material to destroy African societies out of man-made jealousy and competitiveness (very visible in Nigeria).

To make it clear and speak out loud I repeat: Polygamy is a man-made system not by God but by humans that are not perfect or close to perfection but rather constantly in history and space on the run with the help of trial and error to find the ultimate answers to life's issues.

In African societies, people felt the need to copy nature and found in the lions their raw model of strength and importance in their environment. Like the male lion, they developed the habit of having many wives when being strong and lazy under the trees to see their wives hunt for food. Till today this Macho attitude is very present in African men. While in the white society by law or regulations, women must be represented in certain percentage areas in Parliament, political parties, Board of Directors, etc. this is far from visible in any African society for generations to come.

Polygamy outside Muslim societies is in addition a system to protect single women or widows from legal, economic, social, or financial discrimination and suffering. While this belief and tradition were passed on over generations and seen as a justification for the African concept Africans have become a society where it seems to be impossible to overcome the voice of the devil and abundant his play toy in the corner of the house as the child has become a matured and wise adult.

Western societies have replaced traditional marriage with state-sanctioned marriage while African societies still prominently insist on holding on to traditions out of place in the 21st century that man walks on the moon. Traditions have a vital role to play in any society only gradually to be changed but in some cases, their negative and devastating effects are more and more visible to the naked eye when standing before better-working alternatives for which radical change is mandatory.

The consequence to take is obvious: change must prevail and the devil exposed, his play toy smashed into the corner of history.