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‘Thanksgiving is the key to unlock success so always be grateful’ – Rev Biney to Christians

Rev. Patrick Biney, Associate Overseer of the Crystal Grace Chapel InternationalRev. Patrick Biney, Associate Overseer of the Crystal Grace Chapel International

Rev. Patrick Biney, an Associate Overseer of the Crystal Grace Chapel International based in Sapeiman, Accra, has schooled Christians how Thanksgiving is very crucial in the heavenly kingdom and in their spiritual lives.

The revered clergyman noted that regardless of whatever a man may be passing through in life, there is no excuse for him not to give glory to his Creator.

In a sermon dubbed, "Thanksgiving," the astute preacher took his congregation into an extensive lecture on how gratitude can make and unmake them.

He defines thanksgiving as a form of praise and worship, noting that it is “an access key or code to the throne of God."

In furtherance, Rev. Biney alluded that giving thanks to God every time connects one in a divine covenant and radiates a positive energy in their life.

He stressed that Thanksgiving should be the first thing whenever one is praying to God because, to him, "it helps people live a righteous life and leads them down the path of success."

One key benefit of Thanksgiving, according to the astute man of God, is that enemies will begin to panic the moment they see that those they are busy attacking are giving praises to their maker even in their worst moments.

"People need to thank God even when they are in trouble; doing so will confuse their enemies and evil plotters and discourage them.

"People need to start with thanksgiving whenever they pray," he noted.

Citing Luke 17:11-18, the story of how Jesus Christ healed ten lepers but only one came to thank him and the moment Jesus asked the whereabouts of the remaining nine, he explained that the Almighty God always awaits people's appreciation to determine whether they deserve more or not.

"God always awaits your appreciation and knows if you value the little he gives you. You have to give him praise whether you are okay with what he gives you or not because he knows what's best for you," he stated.

On the flip side, not being able to offer him the needed adoration and honor for his mercies, Rev. Biney said, comes with a lot of consequences.

Rev. Biney revealed that ungrateful people always lack the presence of God in their lives, which makes them vulnerable to demonic attacks.

"It opens you up for depression," he said, citing the story of how Isaiah failed to acknowledge God after causing fire to consume the sacrifice in the context against the Baal worshippers, leading to Jezebel threatening to kill him, making him confused to the point where he asked God to take his life (1st Kings 19:3–4).

For further reading and personal research about the impact of showing appreciation and the dangers associated with ingratitude, Christians are to refer to Psalm 50:14–15, Psalm 100:4, Psalm 95:2, Psalm 6:5, 2nd Chronicles 5:13, Psalm 69:30, and Daniel 6:10.

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Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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