Why Do Some People Pass Away At A Young Age, While Others Do So At A Very Old Age?

Feature Article Why Do Some People Pass Away At A Young Age, While Others Do So At A Very Old Age?
NOV 20, 2022 LISTEN

Death is a constant companion in life; we frequently hear sad and unsettling stories about it. Some people live to a ripe old age, while others pass away at an early age. Death can happen to anyone at any time, even if they are not prepared. It can happen when you are on vacation, at home, while driving, or anyplace else. But why do some people pass away at a very early age while others do so at a very old age is a question that many people frequently like to ponder.

I am a happy man, but the only time my demeanor and attitude alter is when I think about death. Not because I'm being terrified of death is what makes me sad, but rather all the friends I've lost along the way. Even so, I have two little brothers, a mother and a father, who have passed away. Even though it's been a while, it still hurts me. Although I am not superior to my friends who have passed away, I am still here because I think it is still not my time.

This brings up a follow-up query: Does this imply that the time has arrived for those who pass away young?


It's really funny that we came from dust and that same dust is where we will return. Therefore, what purpose does it serve a man to amass a fortune while inflicting suffering and hardship on others due to rampant corruption and greed?

I've lost so many friends that sometimes I question the purpose of life, especially when I consider how young they were when they all died. Many people over the world experience the same problem, and if you are weak enough, you will give in to evil intents by thinking about killing yourself. While still living in Europe, I once wrote to two friends in Ghana only to learn that they had both long passed away. I wrote to those who aren't alive without experiencing or sensing they are dead. It aches.

There are more questions than there are answers, and questions about death are not only difficult to understand or believe when explained, but also confusing. What happens to us after we die is interpreted differently by many religions. The fact that I am not dead and haven't come back to life to describe the experience of death means that I can't explain how death works. More crucially, the only people who know the answer are only dead and they will never come back to share it with us. The Bible is the only remaining portion of God's Word to tell us more.

According to the Bible, "The living are aware that they will die; but the dead are aware of nothing at all." (Psalm 146:4; Ecclesiastes 9:5) We, therefore, stop existing when we pass away. They can't think, act, or feel. When Adam disobeyed, God said to him, "Dust you are, and to dust you will return." (Ecclesiastes 12:7). As a result, after death, a person's spirit goes back to God, while their physical body perishes or decays.

Many people can come up with all fantastic theories as to why God allows one individual to live while taking another when someone passes away at a young age. Some claim that God gives and takes, but why should God take young people? What did they do wrong that God would take their lives? This is the reason I don't agree with that saying.

Some people can pass away at a young age due to complex health conditions, while others can live a long time without experiencing any health problems until they ultimately give a response to eternity. Some individuals who don't drink or smoke will pass away young, whilst those who do both live longer. It's difficult to explain, as was already stated, but the fact is that just because someone dies young doesn't indicate he was a sinner because no one is perfect.

It's not the person's fate or the way he or she has to die when a drunk motorist runs over and kills his or her passengers or knocks a young person to death. It's the driver's fault. It's not the victim's fate to be killed by an armed robber while also having his money stolen. Since the victim arrived at the wrong location at the wrong time, the armed robber took his life. Also, people born with serious diseases, like cancer, could pass away quite young.

The amount of food and liquid we consume affects how long we live. If you overeat, you might become so obese that you develop diabetes. Alcohol abuse will have an impact on you, and drug addiction will also shorten your life expectancy. Life is weird, and although some people act absurdly by celebrating the deaths of those they hate, nobody is guaranteed eternal life.

Treating others the way you wouldn't want to be treated is the most important thing you can do while you're alive. This will ensure that people will remember your good deeds when you pass away.