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30.01.2006 Feature Article

The Police and Inaction

The Police and Inaction
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Attention: His Excellency Mr. J. A Kuffuor President Republic of Ghana Osu Castle Accra Ghana

Dear Sir, Re: Patrick Ampewuah's Threats of Court Action Should the Attached Written Indictment be Published: Another Endless Bubble of Upper-Level Impressionism, Tyranny and Lyricism. Patrick Ampewuah's recent threats of court action against Amos Safo, the editor of Public Agenda, reaffirms my adverse deductions that said officer lacks the understanding and appreciation of the ideals and principles of freedoms that are rightfully conferred on citizens by the constitution. (Please review the attached documents which triggered Ampewuah's threat of court action). Patrick Ampewuah's invitation of Kwabena Obeng to his office dated 16/10/2005, to reiterate his threats of court action reinforces the culture of exploiting the magnanimous spirit of the law and constitutional provisions to silence citizens whose actions, expressions and moral obligations to the state are in diametrical opposition to certain state officials. Ampewuah's lack of courtesy and professionalism is further demonstrated by his failure to divorce his personal dispositions (i.e. the suspension of his personal experiences and judgements) from the stipulation of his profession.

The antecedent reason that underlies my scathing indictment of Ampewuah's professional incompetence is not personal. Instead, it stems from a critical and objective assessment of his professional skills (i.e. deploying basic tools of the service to arrest and prosecute four technical officials at the Lands Commission who are complicit in the theft of and sale of my land and the falsification of government documents) and composure. The claim of Ampewuah's apathy and inefficiency is supported by an investigative finding which was initiated by the former Inspector General of Police, Nana Owusu Nsiah.

Patrick Ampewuah's unwillingness, refusal and/or inability to address some of the basic problems afflicting the social stability of the nation stems from his unconventional tactical approach in identifying the extent and depth of the problem and making rational adjustments to combat these cancerous afflictions (i.e. the stench of “sanctioned” corruption at the Lands Commission). Instead of using the threat of court action as a stratagem to extort my silence, Ampewuah must review constitutional stipulations, the supremacy of the law and the right of citizens to exercise free speech that are premised on absolute facts, without regard for their scolding repercussions on an individual's integrity or subjective perceptual interpretation of their abilities.

As the nation transitions from institutional paternalism and dominancy into an era of plural ideas to enhance and sustain a fair and just society, state institutions and their human capital must reposition themselves and their cultural mindset to avert the shocks of radical transformative societal changes. My critique of Ampewuah's ability as the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations Department is not a deliberate assault on his personna, but instead an admonition for him to make practical changes to his professional attitude. Ghana's quest for true freedom, justice and development (i.e. social progress) hinges on the stringent application of the law and not subjective personal disposition and interpretations.

I have demonstrated my love for this nation by making variant and unspecified contributions to address certain structural problems. As an avowed citizen, I will continue to do so, even in the face of Ampewuah's legal threats. My dedication to right the “wrongs” of society is driven by an assembly of social experiences, and the fundamentality in institutional functionality and universal social justice.

For the nation to redeem itself from the doldrums of eroding luster, the police service must recultivate and uphold the finesse of humility, receptivity to ideas and patience above self-carved honour and “post-colonial” laurels. I look forward to a true change in the police service. I also welcome my day in court, a forum which will give me the opportunity to outline the thrust of my misgivings about Ampewuah should one be necessary. Of course, I hope it does not come that.

Thank you. Sincerely yours. Nana Amma Obenewaah. cc: Mr. Patrick Acheampong Inspector General of Police Accra Ghana Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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