GhanaCard: A Digital Initiative With A Secret Plot, Making Ghanaians In The Diaspora Rich

Feature Article GhanaCard: A Digital Initiative With A Secret Plot, Making Ghanaians In The Diaspora Rich
SEP 28, 2022 LISTEN

The use of contemporary digital technologies in numerous aspects of life and production is known as digitalization. It is an accomplishment for Ghana to pursue a similar route to development given that the notion of economic activity based on digital technology is widely applied in every country without exception and is present in a variety of domains of life and production.

However, there is a hidden goal behind GhanaCard's implementation in the country, which is adversely hurting Ghanaians' ability to conduct business and develop its digital economy. The NPP government planned evil schemes to benefit them rather than the public, the introduction of the GhanaCard as the exclusive form of identification for voting and conducting business transactions in the nation is included.

It is necessary to open offices in all of Ghana's regions for the issuance of national identification cards to people of the nation in the proper manner. Unfortunately, if my memory serves me correctly, there is only one center in the entire nation that has been chosen and given permission to carry out this task; some people have already received their cards, while others have not yet.

Many Ghanaians claim that the NPP government only distributed cards in NPP strongholds while rejecting requests from the NDC and other political parties. That indicates that this is being done on purpose to restrict voters' ability to vote for other political parties and to boost the NPP's chances of winning. If this evil scheme materializes, election-related violence may result.

One thing I've noticed about the entire NPP leadership team is that many of them lack intelligence or are smart. Even NPP politician Ken Agyapong stated that "what is called sense; the NPP politicians have absolutely none” because they never learn from their mistakes. After all, if they do, they would recognize right away that Ghana is no longer a place where politicians should take Ghanaians as fools.

Even though the majority of Ghanaians are aware of the evil agenda hidden beneath the NPP government's objectives, the public will remain silent if the government passes legislation and introduces measures while pretending to be acting in the best interests of the populace. The typical Ghanaian won't raise a fuss over the onerous sim-card registration and GhanaCard-related issues; instead, they'll find a way to make life difficult for the NPP administration.

An important instance is the implementation of the E-Levy. The administration ignored the people after being rejected by the majority of Ghanaians, even though it had been in power for more than six years at the time, without providing jobs for the people. Ghanaians thought the NPP government a valuable lesson, by cashing out their money from the financial system. Therefore, the E-Levy failed, decimating numerous mobile transaction firms across the country.

Many Ghanaians are now dissatisfied with the GhanaCard, which makes it difficult to cash in the nation. I don't know the reason behind the NPP administration's choice, but I will say that it is the most foolish move ever made by a government because what is taking place in foreign countries over how Ghanaians are sending home money to their families will have a long-term negative impact on the government.

Since learning that many Ghanaians are having trouble cashing their own money due to the lack of a GhanaCard, the majority of Ghanaians living abroad have discovered alternate ways to send money to their families back home. As a result, the business of sending money to Ghana is currently booming in several regions of Europe and the United States.

Ghanaians living in Europe and the United States of America can send their relatives thousands of dollars in foreign currency that can be easily paid or cashed in Ghana without a GhanaCard. Illegal money brokers have suddenly become more prevalent in Europe and the United States, particularly through African marketplaces, where Ghanaians send their families in Ghana thousands of dollars and euros, which they then cash through brokers who represent them in Ghana.

Every time the NPP government enacts policies that have an impact on Ghanaians at home and abroad, they all come up with ways to overcome those policies, which frequently hurt the ruling government. Despite this, they never learn any lessons due to greed, dishonesty, and corruption. Due to the GhanaCard as the only identification to cash in Ghana, the NPP administration is currently losing millions, possibly billions, which could have assisted in stabilizing the economy.

The NPP government allegedly made the GhanaCard issue tough for NDC and other political party members on purpose, according to a social media rumor. If this rumor is true, the NPP government will still lose the election. As previously stated, Ghana is in a time where the people can no longer be duped. Many GhanaCards can be given to NPP supporters, but the polling area will be as quiet as a cemetery since they have lost interest in the administration and are unwilling to continue this suffering and hardships.

Given the possibility that many people won't cast ballots, anything Ursula Owusu and the National Identification Authority try to help the NPP win in 2024 would likely fail once more, just like the E-Levy. Therefore, the NPP's intentions for ensuring their win in 2024 are useless. Because they failed the people, the party has lost the public's trust, respect, and regard for its integrity. They are dishonest and liars, that's why Akufo Addo was booed.