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12.10.2005 Feature Article

Black Stars Perks Long Overdue

Black Stars Perks Long Overdue
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Agoo, oman Ghana aka ogyakrom, the former Gold Coast, any “Tom, Dick and & Harriett” or “Awula me ke ataa me” or “obiara” reading this article should join me and shout as loud as they can out of their lungs; Ghana, Osei yei! Yei! Yei,; My brothers and my sisters' “rewind my selector”; Ghana, Ghana, Osei yei! Yei! Yei,, Ghana oh, yei, Ghana oh, yei, yei.

While shouting as loud as I can, my body is filled with emotions because we thank the creator, the alpha and Omega foremost, for making this wonderful journey to be witnessed by all. Coming through a very horrific accident safely, sound and alive. I am happy to witness a very historical moment and it would have been sad and horrible if I could not survive the accident. Let us all observe a moment of silence to all Ghanaians who could not live to see this day in our history when all eyes are on the pride of Africa and also the gateway to Africa; The, G, The, H, The, A, The ! N, and The A; its Ghana of course.

As we all know; Ghana via Black Stars qualified by crashing Cape Verde, 4-0 to advance to a historical inclusion as one of the countries in Africa to qualify for the 2006 World Cup competition in Germany, a country where all mode of transportation are leading to and where every individual will learn the word; “danke” meaning thank you and “auf Wiedersehen” meaning good bye.

This historical victory was done not on political or tribal lines but on unity, hard work, motivation, innovation and creativity. It was exciting and encouraging when the article on Ghanaweb read;

“Praia, Cape Verde, Oct 9, GNA - Players of Ghana's national team, the Black Stars are to be rewarded with a special package following their vintage performance which on Saturday qualified the country to her debut World Cup appearance. The story also add; Yaw Osafo Marfo, Minister of Education and Sports told the press after the victory in Praia that, "all the players would receive a special package in addition to the normal bonus as a 'Thank You' gift".

Members of the team are to receive 800! 0 dollars each as bonus for winning the ultimate qualifying duel that ensured they topped the Group made up of five other countries with 21 points from 10 games. Though the Minister did not disclose the content of the supposed package, he said, "We have a surprise for them and I can assure you that it is a huge one".

The Black stars deserve perks anytime, any day and all the time, but because of greed, too much politics and lack of motivation, the 4 time African champions became a laughing stock. Many coaches who were paid huge sums of money to coach the team have no clue which direction to lead the Black Stars. Though these coaches were given the authority to manage the team, they were undermined by the authorities or those who think they call the “shots” and they make decisions. The players were not afforded the proper perks, lack of encouragement and the food they were served was horrible. The authorities at the time had thought of only themselves; greed ! and corruption became the order of the day. However, OSAAFO MARFO, DOYA AND HIS SOLDIERS DESERVE A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE, OMAN GHANA.

Whiles the players will be getting an exciting special package in addition to their bonuses, there are some players who are making more money than they can think of especially, Appiah and Essien but to them, it is not about money or perks but about sacrifice, representing a nation who have endured so much, a nation which its sons and daughters who thought Ghana's inclusion in the World Cup was a fantasy. Thank God that this has been reversed and hello, this dream is now a REALITY.

This sacrifice is done through motivation and encouragement from authorities. Coach Ratomir Djukovic aka Doya and inspirational Black Stars skipper, Stephen Appiah in a report had mentioned that it was their total commitment that did the trick for the team's maiden World Cup qualification. How does a team become committed? It must come from the coach given the authority without any interference from the top because of politics as done in the past and the coach infusing motivation, discipline and encouragement to his players to be committed and united. Doya m! ade sure the players were focused and not lose track of where they were heading.

Appiah and Essien and others have demonstrated that good name is far better than riches. The players should be “spoiled” all the time for making history because they deserve everything they are offered and must not stop there. We have to motivate these players for other players around the world to take their profession to another level and also make joining the Black Star as exciting and highly competitive as possible. Every player now is dreaming to be part of history and that is a good thing.

With this win, everyone should a grab a bottle of Champagne in our homes, our glasses, let us pop the champagne and celebrate his magnificent win.


NOW LET US BOOK OUR TICKETS BECAUSE GERMANY, HERE COMES; THE BLACK STARS, THE PRIDE OF AFRICA. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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