Religion And Crime: Do You Know That There Are More Christians In Prison Than Atheists?

Feature Article Religion And Crime: Do You Know That There Are More Christians In Prison Than Atheists?
JUL 3, 2022 LISTEN

Religion affects people and society in both beneficial and negative ways. Some don't believe in God despite religion's tendency to make followers of God, Allah, or any other deity people may hold dear. Most Atheists, or individuals who don't believe in God, have one of two beliefs: either God doesn't exist or religions were created purposely to manipulate people's minds.

No one has the power to persuade me that there is no God. My arguments are straightforward. First, if Christianity and Islam are made up of myths, then the Holy Bible and Koran would not exist as they do today. The fact that there are Christian and Islamic experts to explain the history of the Bible and the Koran to the public is much more essential.

My second reason for believing in God is that most people can tell you exactly when they were born, others can't because birth dates weren't kept on record. However, one cruel fact that civilization has kept a secret: where do we go after we pass away? The spirit departs the body and goes where - to God or does it make a home somewhere—before the body returns to the earth?

Some religions have various beliefs regarding life after death since many individuals are unsure of what happens after death. Others have proposed unfathomable answers for what happens to us when we pass away, while some even believe that the spirit will settle somewhere in the shape of a human being. But why does religion have such a strong influence on crime if so many people adhere to its doctrines?


According to a Federal Prison Bureau poll from 1997, 75% of Americans identify as Christians are prisoners. By contrast, out of 10% of American atheists, only 0.2% identify as prisoners. This straightforward poll estimates, that there are 7.5 times as many Christians as atheists living in the United States; but, among convicts, this difference is already 375 times larger! Therefore, we must question ourselves why more Christians who believe in God are in prison than people who do not?

Ghana is a unique nation because it can coexist peacefully with people from many faith movements. Despite negative global trends, an increase in crimes motivated by religion, an escalation of terrorist and extremist activity, and an unchecked takeover of corruption in our nation, the primary responsibility of the state are to uphold this peaceful existence and attempt to find solutions to serious issues affecting the vulnerable.

Religiously motivated crimes are among the most complicated and obscure, which poses a severe issue with how they should be classified. What drives a certain person to falsify religious books, quote a theological authority, twist the doctrines of other religions, conduct particularly heinous crimes, and destroy anyone who practices a different faith?

1. Religious people frequently believe that God is guiding their conduct. These sentiments, which may arise during prayer or may simply be a natural emotional state, enable these people to conclude that their feelings and goals are approved by God. As a result, when they feel the impulse to harm others, they are more likely to persuade themselves that their actions are okay since their motivations come from God.

2. A religious person can claim that "the ways of the Lord are unfathomable" if there is something morally wrong with society or a particular person. This can result in someone losing the ability to tell the difference between good and evil and thinking that everything around them is a part of a grand plan.

3. Many religions assert that to be moral, a person must be inspired by ideas of paradise and hell. Therefore, without external motivation, humans lack a moral incentive to act morally. Religions frequently preach that having faith in God and praying is moral. The offender may therefore believe that by fervently praying, he may atone for his transgressions.

4. There is so much confusion in religion that it is frequently attempted to construct ethically dubious actions. For instance, homosexuality, masturbation, and blasphemy are all condemned by the holy writings, yet the same man of God who leads his congregation in prayer and talks from the pulpit also performs gay marriages. As a result, homosexuality is not considered sinful by some. Who cares to commit a crime, if the pastor is doing it improperly?

5. There is nothing stopping someone from doing anything they want to do if they already believe they will go to hell and that there is no longer a way for them to atone for their misdeeds. Therefore, the idea of religion compels many people to engage in unlawful activity.

6. People are taught to follow the church, the preacher, the holy books, etc. through religion. People may have an internal tendency to defer to others' judgment of what is right and wrong as a result of this, they become more vulnerable to peer pressure and misinformation as a result.

7. Religion fosters superiority, which fuels bigotry all across the world. Why is there so much bloodshed in the world against people of different races who are perceived as inferior if God made man in his image? "Don't look at me because I'm dark or because the sun has made me darker. The sons of my mother were furious with me and forced me to tend to the vines; I was forced to neglect my vineyard. 1:6 in Song of Solomon

8. Teaching individuals to entirely depend on God and submit to him can make them feel powerless to make their own decisions, which lowers their capacity to control criminal inclinations. One of the reasons crime has increased in many parts of the world is that people, especially in Africa, rely more on religious miracles than they do on working harder for their daily bread.

9. Since God can pardon, many people believe that if they commit a crime, God will also pardon them. For instance, a lot of serial killers have a faith in God because they are certain that God will pardon them even when they are about to be executed, they kill and keep killing without feeling any regret.

10. A person may talk to someone or even seek professional assistance while they are going through feelings that could motivate them to commit a crime. A religious individual is more likely to discuss religion with those who lack it. That is a benefit of religion, but some people can't help but commit crimes.

11. It is clear that crime and violence are of interest to individuals in our culture. That's why the movies are violent and that negative news gets more broadcast than neutral news. People are fascinated by and interested in violence, which is the cause. The bible forbids immoral behavior, but everyone is aware of how sex news is profitable, thus; people will skip over vital, helpful content in favor of reading foolish, widely circulated sex news.

12. If you don't have a girlfriend, you can be driven to commit a crime by kidnapping and raping someone. Many Christians watch sex videos or pornographic movies. You might even be astonished to learn that many rapists are either married or have girlfriends, but because they became porno slaves, they were unable to control their sexual urges, which drove them to commit a crime.

Money is good, my brothers and sisters, but you have to work hard for it since there are wealthy individuals who don't have peace because they either killed people or obtained their fortune illegally, whereas the impoverished, abused person who endures daily, has peace. Let your yes be yes and your no is no—these are the best aspects of human life. Don't generate suffering for common folks because you can when the outcome won't be good for you. Don't forget to include the truth in your everyday battle for justice because without it, you won't achieve peace.

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