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28.04.2005 Feature Article

Lack Of Ethics, Our Country Perishes

Lack Of Ethics, Our Country Perishes
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The headline reads; Confirmed: GIA Is A Bogus Deal as reported by Statesman, a pro government private newspaper . Jean Y. T. Lukaz wrote; Scandal Looming At Chief Of Staff's Office cited "Unfair Bidding Terms: GIA eventually won the bid, but it is now appearing that the conditions for take-over have been flawed as some presidential aides are making their cuts, Dr. Anane perjured himself under oath during his vetting. When cross-examined as to the unfairness of not giving a common ground for all bidders for Ghana Airways on the new basis (which stipulated that the debt was now to be met by the Government), his answer was an assumption that everybody knew, since 2001, that the Government would be responsible for these debts".

As the Rock says, "I smell what is cooking". In this case, we all smell the unethical business deals within the Ghana government.

"Rewind my selector"; for many years, Ghana Airways caused so many grievances and embarrassment to the entire populace as a result of many kickbacks and mismanagement. We heard through the grapevine, the numerous' one dollar, one pound flight perks for members and their families in the Rawlings and Kufuor administrations. Some ministers were reported to have gotten free rides and even extended it to their "Konkontibaa" girlfriends. The Board of Directors also gets perks including their families. You talk about it then you become an enemy like it is none of your business. As a result of many irregularities and abuse of the finances our dear air carrier has endured, the company was in a debt in essence of $165million. The airline was finally grounded and the government started looking for takeovers. HELP WANTED PLEASE.

The government decided to assume the debt. Then enters 5 major bidders; Ghana International Airlines (GIA) - (51/49), Kenyan Airways/KLM (40/60), Corporate Trade Solutions (100%), Ghana Air Partners (40/60) and Global Air Group (25/75).

There should be a code of ethics which should be practiced in every institution. In every bid that is put on the table, one would expect the authorities to find who is the highest bidder? the background of that company, length of service in business and how they meet the requirements of the government in order to take our national airline a step forward or even higher.

Then came the "great news"; GIA based in Utah, the home of the Church of the Latter Day Saints had won the bid. Some felt at last, our national airline had been rescued. Later on, some people started smelling something fishy. The deal was unfair and unethical. It is a system of "whom you know". This type of system has resulted in many projects done in a rush so those who have been entrusted with projects could make their profits.

Because of this "Whom You Knowism", many good people with good intentions are left out. These people have great work ethics and are competent but they would be ignored for people who have ties with those in higher offices so that those in the higher offices can get their share of that pie. HOW SAD!

When GIA got the nod, many in the Diaspora and others in Ghana suspected probably something was not done right. Many suspected Dr. Anane had a hand in it or ties with GIA. The Lens got in the fold and reported in an article; "We smell something rotten in the decision of the NPP Government to sell off Ghana Airways, the national airline, to a supposed Ghana International Airline whose two principal partners are based in the Land of the Mormons, Utah, USA. The processes leading to the selection of GIA as the buyout partner for Ghanair have themselves been called into question. "We have a nagging feeling that the country is not being told the whole truth.".

Our country is supposed to be a model of Africa but because of no national airline, we use foreign airlines to go to Ghana. KLM and British Airways have increased their number of fleets and air fares are way higher than when Ghana Airways was in operation. The number of Ghanaians going home has decreased. It is not exciting anymore; long journeys, costly airfares coupled with many stories of armed robbery. What a "double whammy".

Finally the fat lady sung when the Statesman reported; "Confirmed: GIA Is A Bogus Deal". My question is; Why are many deals considered bad deals; IFC Loans, CMTC loans and finally GIA. Something has to be done and those responsible for those numerous bad deals must be punished.

Our countries interests must be at the forefront all the time, instead of some thinking of their own selfish financial gains. Selfishness is the root of our problems and lack of ethics causes our country to perish.

Mr. Anane, with due respect apologize to Ghanaians for such a horrible job done or resign honorably for further damage to your reputation. Ghana admires and respects your hard work.

We all love our country DEARLY but we would never sit down and watch it to get worse before we act. Ethics must be at the forefront and favoritism in the "trash".

Mr. President, Ghanaians are watching to see whether you would do something about this. Failing to act can damage your hard earned reputation. WE LOVE YOU AND WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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