18.08.2005 Feature Article

The Sad Thing About Politics & The Chaos In Ghana

The Sad Thing About Politics & The Chaos In Ghana
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Some Ghanaians have all of a sudden forgotten that life is so hard in Ghana. They seem not to feel the heat of the recent increase in gasoline prices. Whenever a political issue arises; whether realistic or not, some soon forget about their thirst and hunger and jump on the "political nonsense wagon" on their empty stomachs..
The coming of Gizzelle Yajzi to Ghana to tell CHRAJ her side of the story of the Hotel Kufour Saga has all of the sudden become the most interesting topic to be discussed than the dilapidated roads, lack of employment, rise in armed robbery and other important factors that needed attention.
It is very sad that now the issue has been politicized where we have various comments being made by public officials.
First and foremost, whether a relationship existed between the President and Ms Yajzi is not subject to politics. If there is any allegations of wrong doing, the court should decide and not anyone.
It is a unfortunate for Victor Smith to rush to judgement and say that the "President should be impeached ...For Bringing Disgrace To The Presidency - Victor Smith " - GNA. We must be careful in rushing to judgment because Ms Yajzi has not given her side of the story yet. Anyone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Even though the president has not confirmed or denied whether he had a relationship with the woman and had twins as reported.
The situation now is becoming chaotic because she is reportedly arriving today, Thursday and two groups; Friends of the Truth and Enemies of Lies have to taken their main issue and so some in NPP and NDC have taken sides.
Why should we be subject to laughter in front of the rest of the world? The media should not have announced the date and time of her arrival in the country to avoid unrest and subsequent destroy of public property as a result. All the airwaves are now filled with Ms Yajzi's arrival and why should that be?
The IGP would now have to send part of the Police Force to the airport to avoid any demonstrations Ms Yajzi's arrival will bring.
No one should jump into conclusions and take sides. We must wait to hear what Ms Yajzi has to say and draw conclusions from there.
Majority of those who will go to the airport, don't even have jobs, they are always crying poverty and how the country is badly governed but yet because of politics, they have time to go to the airport, forget about the poverty and demonstrate. They should be demonstrating for the creation of jobs.
Will the demonstration bring any jobs or will those organizations which invited them to show support find them jobs or take care of their family. These demonstrators are being used and that should not happen. This is how our country operates when it comes to politics. We always cry for help but then one day we act like all our problems have gone for the sake of politics. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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