13.05.2022 Press Statement

Akontombra MP and his constituency executives must be called to order

By Western North NPP Youth Forum
Akontombra MP and his constituency executives must be called to order
13.05.2022 LISTEN

Western north N.P.P Youth Forum, a group which mission is to help propagate the good works of the npp in the Western North region would like to call on the national executives of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and The Majority Caucus Leadership to with immediate effect call on the member of Parliament for Akontombra constituency, Hon. Teteh and his executives to order for what appears to a clear agenda by the said Member to erode the gains of the party's efforts in the region.

The Honorable M.P and his executives have made series of calculated move(s) geared towards causing disunity in the party in the region. Readers would recall that, after 2020 election some group of faceless bandits staged a press conference calling on the President of the Republic of Ghana to appoint Hon. Tetteh as Western North Regional Minister.

The said press conference was sponsored by the MP for Akontombra Constituency against all odds. We also regret to mention that, ever since the said group organized the needless press conference, the region has never known peace. Quite recently, a leaked chat on a platform created by Hon. Tetteh revealed through an overt means being employed by the said group to visit violence on the Regional Minister through attacks.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, we are by this piece reminding the public of how Honorable Tetteh through bussing of NPP supporters in the various across the Region to register in Akontombra became a topical issue in the run up to the 2020 elections.

It must also be noted that such conduct significantly contributed to the party’s failure to snatch seats like, Bodi,Suaman and Aowin in 2020 which was almost won in 2016. This is because, during the mass registration in 2020, Honorable Tetteh and his executives in Akontobra bused 3,500 known party supporters from Aowin, Bodi, Suaman and Wiawso to register in Akontombra during the 2020.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We aver that, if Hon. Tetteh's quest to reign supreme in the Region is not checked, the ultimate loser would be the party at the end of the day. Such bravado backed by attempts to run down political heads in the Region is the sudden spring up of a certain group known as WENGA in Western North with its modus operandi clearly defined by their recent press conferences against the Regional Minister and Regional Chairman.

This is a very worrying situation, hence the need to call on the National Executives and Majority leadership to call the Honorable Member to order for the sake of the interest of the party.

We are also by this piece sending a signal of our open disgust to his self-aggrandized conduct in the Region. The NPP can never be his bonafide and we are by this making it resoundingly clears to him to Wade off any move that seeks to break the party's neck in our Newly Created Region.

We thank you for your attention

Long Live N.P.P

Long Live Western North Region.


Maxwell Quansah, N.P.P Juaboso Secretary and Covernner for N.P.P WNR FORUM


Mr Prince Sangmoah, Spokesperson and regional communication team member.


Koby Dan, Bodi Constituency Youth Organizer and Secretary to Western North N.P.P Youth Forum


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