16.10.2004 Feature Article

Ghana-Evidence of our leadership Problem:

Ghana-Evidence of our leadership Problem:
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In reading the article, Spectrum Capital's Plans to Restructure Ghana Airways Foiled,Posted onGhanaweb,, one could not help but have my jaw drop at the remarks of a former CEO, cited in the article.

In response to a question, posed by business chronicle, the quote from the former CEO that “…he did not have control on his schedules but always depended on what assignment has been given to him…”is not only baffling, coming from a former CEO, but provides the world with evidence of the caliber of our leadership.

Should a former CEO, use this quote as a defense in any circumstance, it becomes clear that we have a very steep uphill battle with respect to successful business ventures, or for that matter development as a whole. People, this is evidence that we are in the wrong hands.

We are in trouble because our recruitment efforts are worse than poor, and sadly this same process used to select this CEO, is the same process that more than likely has been used to hire other leaders of our institutions. As such, one can make an inference that they may all fit into this caliber of leadership.

In leadership one key quality that should stand out is a vision. Obviously this is missing. The scary part of the quote is that it sounds like the response of a worker, or worse, like that of a child. I am not sure where this type of leadership may be successful, but it is clear that in this century, one with this type of disposition and projection could not and should not have led any organization, let alone one with a complex business such as Ghana Airways.

As it has always been emphasized, we ought to do better with recruitment all around in Ghana. We are being saddled with sub-standard and ineffective talent in too many key areas, which does nothing for results. “ Garbage in garbage out” is a true equation. Garbage run through a mill will only still be garbage in the end and not gold. This goes for the results, from the employment of poor human capital. The net result will be poor, and this is seen over and over, with respect to the performance of our institutions.

What is our problem with leadership? They are not in shortage, especially Ghanaians, either within the country or outside the country, but the right people with the track record are not being pursued. We are hiring individuals with questionable character, credentials and even a gross lack of wit.

We can do better. It has been suggested that the task of recruiting leadership for all institutions, should be given to the organizations that specialize in executive searches. Those who make this their core business and have the capacity to deliver the quality leadership we need. This is the only way we can at least have some hope that results will be emphasized in the process of selecting our leadership. Also tie the remuneration of such leaders to performance. Use a standard scorecard for all heads of departments and CEO's of quasi public/private establishments so that there is a clear, fair and effective measure of performance.

Let us use the next four years for action oriented results and less on laying out grand plans which cannot be seen on the ground. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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