Show some level of sensitivity for Ghanaians

Press Release Show some level of sensitivity for Ghanaians
APR 12, 2022 LISTEN

Concerned Youth of Amasaman Constituency (COYOAMAC) is appalled about the insincerity and blatant lack of transparency from the side of Government.

It's like everything Government does is geared towards their selfish, insatiable hunger and their quest to rob the good people of Ghana, of their hard-earned money.

To satisfy this quest, Government is even able to dress a monster and present it to the public as an angelic being, hoping for their gullibility.

Government made it clear to the General public, that the introduction of the E-LEVY will help in the proper mobilization of funds and curb all unnecessary wastage in our system-To wit, they were Digitalizing the collection of funds.

Even before the passage of E-LEVY could see daylight in the Parliament of Ghana, all Toll booths were closed down and those who ply their trade in and without the Toll booth were asked to go home with reckless abundance.

It is therefore shocking and palpably be sire to hear a leading member of the ruling NPP (Kennedy Agyapong) commenting on the reintroduction of the Tollbooth and the reinstatement of the Workers who were recently sacked to go home with total disregard to their plights.

  • Why will Government pass E-LEVY and then force on us, collection of Tolls?
  • Didn't Government lie to us?
  • Are they not tricking us?
  • Is that not fraud?
  • Is Government a Joke?

COYOAMAC, unreservedly call on Government to withdraw this monstrous, barbaric and NOTORIOUS E-LEVY if they intend to reintroduce the collection of Tolls on our roads.

They can't eat their cake and have it again.

COYOAMAC, on any day will support the collection of Toll but can never Support the E-LEVY, a policy which seems to steal more money from the teaming masses of poor people, who have over the years been systematically impoverished by negligence and bad Governance.

Reintroduction of Toll Booths will mean employment for both the educated and non-educated alike.

Enforcement of E-LEVY will mean poverty and unemployment for both the educated and non-educated alike.

We can't have them both and we don't need them both.

COYOAMAC, through this platform, will like to appeal to Government to show some level of sensitivity to Ghanaians are suffering.

Thomas Abroni.

(DJ YOGO), President.


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