Amanda Kwarteng is Miss Ghana@65 in Paris; Michael Akhainyah is Mister Ghana

Diaspora (France) Amanda Kwarteng is Miss Ghana65 in Paris; Michael Akhainyah is Mister Ghana
MAR 19, 2022 LISTEN

Amanda Kwarteng, a Ghanaian worker at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, and Mr. Michael Akhainyah, a Ghanaian teacher in France, have been elected Miss Ghana@65 and Mister Ghana@65 in Paris respectively.

The pair were elected by GHACIF, Ghanaian Community in France Council, the Ghana Traditional Council in France, OGHA, the Organisation of Ghanaians Abroad and Oman Ghana Baako, France.

Sincere thanks to all Ghanaians, Community Chiefs/leaders and friends of Ghana who contributed in diverse ways to make the Ghana@65 celebrations in Paris a success.

Special gratitude was made to media houses Adamfopa Radio and Yaa Yaa TV all of Paris region for the coverage.

Amanda and Michael were congratulated and urged to promote their inner and outer Ghanaian beauties.