Asanteman Europe, Asanteman Council Of North America (US & Canada) condemn insults directed at Manhyia

By Joseph Kyei-Boateng
Press Statement Asanteman Europe, Asanteman Council Of North America US  Canada condemn insults directed at Manhyia
MAR 12, 2022 LISTEN

Our attention has been drawn to videos and audios circulating on some social media portals in recent times.

They have been attacking and insulting Manhyia and by large, all the good people of Asante globally for no apparent reason. In as much as we respect freedom of speech, we cannot remain silent for people to insult us without provocation. The insults have attained an unimaginable dimension that we have to react.

We condemn in unreserved terms their actions. We advise them to eschew what they are doing. These actions of theirs have the tendency to create trouble in our dear country.

The insensibility and preposterously hyped tribal overtures and sentiments that have found expression on social media are what we are condemning. The social media should be used to promote unity and peace and not to promote conflicts. We want to continue enjoying the peace and stability for which Ghana is globally admired.

Should they continue to insult Manhyia especially Otumfuo, we would have no other option than to take legal action against the perpetrators of these evil deeds no matter where they live. We will not sit down unconcerned to allow few disgruntled persons, through their unguided and primitive actions to bring chaos to our peaceful country Ghana.

We, by this release, express our solidarity and unflinching support to Manhyia. We are ready to defend Manhyia against these naked insults by these irresponsible individuals.

Many of them are doing that probably out of ignorance. Manhyia is noted for peace. At the appropriate time, we shall release few of the immeasurable achievements chalked by Manhyia in the past twenty years.


Asanteman Council Of North America (US & Canada) .

Press Secretary: Isaac Osei Tutu

Asanteman Europe Association.

Press Officer: Isaac Adu