01.01.2022 Feature Article

Mission, Plans, and Resolutions for 2022

Jarga Kebba GigoJarga Kebba Gigo
01.01.2022 LISTEN

The number 22 has been tied to my life in many ways and year 22 must also mean super special to me. Are you ready to learn, work, and/or have fun with me in 2022? Jinack Island of the Gambia is where the fun will largely take place, but the learning and working can be anywhere. Of course we are ready to realize worldwide marijuana legalization, especially medical cannabis; help defeat the u.s democrats in mid term elections for allowing ungrateful Biden to deny cannabis users working opportunities and other blessings; help defeat UDP candidates in the Gambia for under resisting Ousainou Darboe's evil ways and attempts; try to become a Billionaire or at least a millionaire by serving billions or at least millions in significant ways and help others make enough money too; raise my health and establish at least a sample of preventive health centre and Badafos Green Fence; and every good the intelligent, truthful, and kind Lord will allow me. So I wish you a great year and life, unless you are among those who believe I should be in prison just over marijuana or the illusions of hypocritical lawmakers and beyond?

Better to start with the fun, what everyone can relate to. Plan at least one weekend to visit Jinack Island and locate me for extreme fun that will be hard to express in words. I declare to help bring at least one million visitors , per annum, to Jinack Island, hopefully from 2022; may the Kind Lord help those who push along with me, proportionately punish those who put hurdles or delay me in any way...

Ungrateful Joe Biden is verifiably ungrateful and must be punished with his enablers. An ex marijuana user called Barrack Obama helped Biden to vice presidency, then another ex cannabis user called Kamala Harris helped Biden to the presidency, but Biden reportedly denied working opportunities not just to present cannabis users, but even ex users who confessed it, excluding the toady called Harris? This explicitly means Biden would not have picked A marijuana user like Barrack Obama as cleaner in 2004 or even 2016 and Kamala Harris is a resort pick for political reasons to get questionable women and black votes... can you ask or imagine what Biden said to Obama when Colorado legalized marijuana? How did he feel when he sees sick people use marijuana and go to work where he couldn't fire them? 'Wait! If I win the Whitehouse, i will deny you work there and delay your freedom in other states as long as the hypocrites and the good allow me'? He probably felt bad when Trump legalized hemp and said thank God he did not legalize medical marijuana, I will delay that and the fake or questionable media will still call me 'empathic"? if it was Trump who denied working opportunities to ex cannabis users where it is legal, the democrats and even decent Republicans would have condemned him? So the silence of Obama, Harris, and others must also be qualified as indifferent or beyond, and the party be punished enough for Biden to resign or at least not run for second term. Every democrat and independent who understands the dangers of unnecessary denying of working opportunities must also understand Biden and few others deserve to be denied privileged working opportunities, even if it means terrible republicans. VOTE at least against one democrat in 2022 or God's proportionate curse be upon you, including work denial you indirectly approve through Biden? May there be limited exceptions, I am seriously ready to curse anyone who stand on my way for worldwide marijuana legalization. Biden's and others refusal to legalize even medical marijuana at the federal level is another great reason to make democrats pay at the polls and be historically question as excuse mongers and delayer of good. S/he who believes a sick person in u.s or anywhere is worse than LGBTQ Pete or xyz, then may sickness or God's proportionate curse be upon him or her. You cannot wish/put us in the worst place called prison, even while sick, and accuse us of being mean for wishing you small or up to the second worse place call hospital? The imprecations of the victims must be adhered to by a just God, because respite given to even Satan does not necessarily include sins between creatures , forever. We demand Biden ask what past illegalities anyone at the white house ever did and be fired for it or why are ex marijuana users paying?

Similarly, We urge Gambians to understand the dangerous crimes of Ousainou Darboe and his enablers must also pay or what will I explain to God on consistency? Darboe is our Trump in many ways and enabling such is in the millions or billions of atom's weight (mizghalazaratin), but some people foolishly think God will skip political choices and consistencies? You think voters of Trump in 2020 and his defenders after the insurrection are worse than his 2016 supporters, but where is the bar for democrats and UDP elite and voters in the Gambia? Hope you understand ch.103 has a hidden major branch called consistency, through the root word... Not even the jinns, Angels of God can shake me or God on fractional punishment on sins between creatures, including political choices. We will turn against Adama Barrow and others in due time unless he repents, including legalizing at least medical cannabis and hemp... The worst of your advisors will claim that is 'political suicide' , which implicitly means a desire to run again, or 'political survival' of a person or party is above the rights of Sick Gambians or xyz? Some claimed it was political suicide to promise legalization or to actually legalize cannabis in different countries/states, but how many politicians died or suffered over cannabis legalization? They will claim Gambia or xyz is different, but God's proportionate curse be upon who think sick Gambians have to take marabous, questionable doctors, or travel to Canada to get medical Cannabis? Please send me seeds and every good to help myself and my people. I called on sick Gambians and Any sick African to consider coming to jinack for medical cannabis in quality and reasonable rates. I ask God to give me more abilities to create every form of good cannabis for and beyond patients. We must resist laws beyond words and Marc Emery of Canada is an imperfect example, but was very right in helping bring marijuana legalization in the u.s and beyond.

After helping legalize marijuana, many make millions through it while myself and Marc are financially poor? My Lord says no more, I can make money through tourism, marijuana, making movies, writing contracts, etc . May God help me build a marvellous team in and beyond jinack. If you are or want to be a great sales person, actor, video editor, etc, then consider contacting me or coming to Barra, then jinack... We will have so much fun and edutainment, Lord Be Willing (LBW).

Good and great men and women of the world, turn your eyes towards jinack and say God's curse be upon even the guilty ones in and beyond jinack who may unnecessary fight this beyond writer. Support me in ways you can and say may God bless my visible and invisible supporters. God has chosen me and I accept to be a spirit of truth of our time. Push along with me for your own Good, resist and/or delay against yourself, proportionately. The respite of the disbelievers and hypocrites against marijuana users is over... may God bless us and showlove trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer