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Man of Doom - Beware of him

Man of Doom - Beware of him
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"Truth crushed to earth will rise again" as declared by William Bryant some many years ago and surely the truth about this brutal murder of women will come to light at the appropriate time. Ghanaians lived in a comfortable and serene environment until the man of doom rose up one day and overthrew the democratically elected government at the time but little did this man know that he was digging his own grave and making the lives of numerous Ghanaians more difficult. Ghanaians hailed him as "Junior Jesus" and many others but we just forgot about the fact that, the angel you know is better than the angel you don't know.

If Ghanaians really want to know how wicked this man is and the fact that he is a sadistic person, then please feel free to contact his comrades and they will really tell you more about this man who has no mercy whatsoever for mankind. He always tried to eliminate all the good people who opposed his orders and it was no surprise to me at all when I heard of the death of TT, the one time Presidential bodyguard of this man of doom. Mensah Woode was also brutally murdered but as William Bryant said earlier on, these truths will all come to light in due course. Have we ever wondered why the death of several individuals such as Nana Drobo, the former MD of BHC, Mensah Woode and Pastor Amoako(former Pastor of the Tagoe sisters) were never investigated fully?

Well, Ghanaian women will have to think twice instead of allowing this man of little wisdom to underestimate their intelligence and spread that nonsense about the fact that, there are people in the Present government who are behind these serial killings. I think it is time Ghanaians put diplomacy aside and deal with this man as he wants. An animal is always treated as such and it is time the Security Agencies force this man to mention the names of these men or face the full rigours of the law. The Ex-President has lost his mental balance and I sometimes wonder why Locos like him should be allowed to make speeches anywhere in the country.

He is just trying to create civil unrest and then pesuade some arrogant elements in the army to stage a coup to enable him get more blood as the thirty or so isn't enough for him. Security Agents should probably interview a number of Fishermen at Osu and they will tell them how many dead bodies they used to see behind the castle during the regime of the "Idi Amin" of Ghana politics. I have said time and time again that, this man is a coward and all he does is play on other people's intelligence to achieve his deadly goals in life. What did Hitler not do and what about Stalin? How far did they get and where are they today? They all passed away like a windstorm and that is exactly what will happen to all evil men.

Like the devil, this man is roaring like a lion because he knows that his days are numbered on earth and he will be cut off just as he cut off the lives of several innocent people but this time round, Death will personally lay its icy hands on him for being so sadistic and cruel to his own people. President Kuffour should please find a way of taming this "beast" as he is a threat to national security and the whole idea of bringing in a lie detector and chemical whatever should be abolished as he is a liar anyway and like Hitler and most liars,this is what they put their trust in but the fact is that, it always fails them. Ghanaian women should attact this man with their demonstrations as he has so many questions to answer as far as these mysterious deaths are concerned.

"The gods of the cowardice, Caesar should be a beast without a heart if he should at home this day because of fear; no Caesar shall not as the gods know that I am greater than they are". Yes these were the words of Julius Caesar minutes before his best friend Brutus killed him and it is time Ghanaians prove to this man that, they aren't cowards at all. Long live true democracy and the NRC should please question the brains behind the Amansie West Gold robbery as well as the mysterious deaths of so many numerous Ghanaians of substance as this will bring a lot of facts about this man and what he can do to innocent mankind. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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