11.02.2003 Feature Article

Good Morning Mr. President

Good Morning Mr. President
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Dear Mr President, It is interesting to have read your recent speech on the internet and a good job done but there are a few points I will like to point out to my fellow Ghanaians. Firstly, it is sad to have heard you talk about positive macro-economic factors just to throw dust into our eyes and I wonder what you economists have been telling you in recent times. Ghanaians were so happy when you were chosen as President and I think you will have to keep your promises instead of making life a bit more difficult for them Now let's go straight to the point. The macro-economic factors as far as every economist is concerned are five namely Economics, Political, Socio-cultural, Technological and last but not the least Legal. I will however concentrate mostly on the economic factors as that was basically what you talked about in your speech. Do you please want to tell me that, high inflation rate, high interst rates, high exchange rate,high rate of unemployment and the rapid price increases is what we mean by sound economic factors. Have you wondered why investors who are risk averse are so scared to invest in Ghana? The inflation rate has been worsened by the introduction of 10000 cedi notes in the country but I remember you declare to Ghanaians at Manor House in London when you outdoored your manifesto about considering the change of currency or the unification of the cedi with the most powerful currency in the sub-region and what happened to this thought Mr President? Exchange rate keeps on going up and the cedi is only getting worse and devalued everyday. Interest rates are very high and it is just incredible to think of inflation rate but we're always made to believe that all is well and rosy in our motherland. Today, several companies are folding up due to the unfavourable economic factors. Unemployment is quite high and what at all are you doing about this. It is time "we refrain from illusions, insist on work and not on words and patiently wait for divine and scientific truth" as declared my Maria Kornilov instead of listening to Politicians. I saw no change whatsoever in the Ghanaian economy when I visited my motherland last year and there is still corruption and nepotism in the system. Please put your speeches right and consult your economists before coming out with such remarks as you only make us no how ignorant you are sometimes. Political instability is still a problem as democracy is now being nurtured in our motherland and the legal system is still not the best not forgetting the technological factors. Please know that we all want the best for Ghanaians and be care full when increasing petroleun prices next time as you've scared all of us with the current increases which are just too astronimical. We are all prepared to help you carry out a PEST and SWOT analysis of the Ghanaian economy at anytime Yours Faithfully, EINSTEIN Great Britain

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