24.08.2002 Feature Article

GHANA: We Need Realization To Move Forward

GHANA: We Need Realization To Move Forward
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One observes with disappointment and broken heart developments in the country of late that look certain to tier it apart. As a matter of fact, it is becoming increasingly clear th country is becoming more polarised and segregated to the extent that every single single individual seem to have a perfect opinion. This has culminated into the unfortunate attitudes of intolerance, unobjectiveness and political one-sidedness. I read with a sharp surprise Dr. Vladimer Antwi Danso's piece on the Rawlings' statement. My fear and surprise stems from the inevitable consequencies I forsee as our renouned spokes persons on issues affecting national development decide to officially inaugurate themselves as politicians. From an objective viewpoint, Dr. Antwi Danso's analysis clearly reflect politically biased synthesis of the issue at stake and even go further to flaw and defame unfairly statements made by the former President. Our beloved country Ghana is at the crossroads of the rule of law and democracy. And we seem to be concerned with issues that rejuvinate old hurt feelings and a lot of people who are rather expected to encourage the masses to look on and forge ahead, are rahter consciously making frantic efforts to hand out vengeance packages. Today its Jake Obetsebi Lamtey who is qouted as lashing out at the NDC only for the ever uncompromising Dr. Tony Aidoo to fire back at him.Whilst the legal expects try with passion to sort themselves out the Attonney General's office makes sure about its invincibility no matter the number of times it takes her to assert her position on the masses. It is really sad to see a lot of people who have been widely endossed as advocates of objectivity make statements on this Rawlings issue which clearly leave their neutrality in enomous dark clouds. That is where we seem to be heading to and we need to watch it. Come to think of all this, one wanders the kind of experience our leaders both current and past have learnt from Great countries like the US, Germany et cetera, who have passed through inhumane times of political and social turmoil. These countries struggled to rebuild and reajust after civil unrests of inequality and injustice based on color and devastating wars. They do not seem to be prepared to risk visiting those times in their history as nations and yet we see but cannot see and risk every good fortune consolidated so far, while trouble looms dead in front us. The intellectuals have brushed aside the theories of basic fundamental human rights in favour of complex and inexplicable analysis and concepts. The politicians have forgotten about the cheerished peace and tranquility a nation needs like water but remain focused in search of worthless personal fame and popularity. A clear advertisement of selfishness, irresponsibily, intolerance, arrogance and a radical departure from the basic obligation of representing the interest of the citizenry. The government of the day definitely need to re-strategise towards national reconsiliation and nation building.The opposition needs to lend a brotherly and helping hand to the government of the day and working to present better alternative policies and issues to the electorate come the next election year. Whilst one will advocate for collaboraion between oposition and ruling for a reasonable improvement in development, government ought to install that environment and steer far from setting traps for its critiques. Lets have pride in our country. Lets conscientiously work towards bettering the lot of our country as a whole and desist from seeking good for ourselves and our closest associates. And lets see our spiritual leaders praying consistently for a better Ghana.

Yao Amekor St. Louis- USA.

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