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05.05.2002 Feature Article

Sustaining Market Economy and Property Ownership is ....

Sustaining Market Economy and Property Ownership is ....
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Fair for Ghana It is rather absurd for a modern day (2002!!) politician in the caliber of Dr. Mahama of PNC to continue to daydream or echo the policies of the sixties pursued by President Kwame Nkrumah. Socialism is dead and it is about time that we all come to the grasp that Ghana’s shattered economy can be recovered and sustained if and only if NPP Government continues to pursue the political philosophy of the Party. That is: market economy/capitalism and property ownership ideology that has guided the party since its inception almost fifty years ago. General Secretary of NPP, Dan Botwe is right, one of the great pillars of the Party, Dr. J. B. Danquah rightly emphasized that and it must guide President Kufour and his government to achieve the best for Ghana. He has the mandate of the people to serve therefore; the electorates’ interest must be satisfied. Today’s global economy is modeled on the principle of market economy/lazier faire to confirm the ideals of economic giants as Adam Smith and Milton Keynes. The triumph of capitalism has shaken the foundations of once the mighty Soviet Union and even China that cherished the socialist ideals of Karl Max. The centrally controlled policies of the sixties do not march the realities of today; therefore the Mahamas must wake up for there is no free lunch anywhere on the globe. People must be energized and motivated as individuals to bring about change through self-fulfillment and realization. Our individual achievement would collectively bring together our desired change of improved standard of living. After all, the so-called classical socialist scholars of the PNDC era: Ahwois, Tsikatas, Botchways, Tanohs are today first class capitalists who are clothed in designer suits criss-crossing major capitalist cities for support. We must be honest with ourselves that if Ghanaians choose to embrace the old ideas of yesteryears, we would surely struggle with that desire to build a better place we want to call home. And of course, if we should fail this time, posterity would never forgive us. We must objectively support President Kufour and the NPP Government to bring about change in Ghana. The current administration must be applauded for achieving total freedom for all Ghanaians today. Criminal libel and seditious act has become law that enjoins today an unprecedented press freedom, the central bank of Ghana, Bank of Ghana is totally independent by law to pursue objectively monetary and fiscal policies hence stability in the economy and others. The NPP Government has the good will of her neighbors in the sub region; hence a Ghanaian has been elected to serve as the Executive Secretary of ECOWAS. The Government further has the support of all the leaders of the developed and industrialized countries. It is fair to criticize constructively, but we must also be mindful to provide alternatives to guide the government and leaders of the administration after all, Ghana belongs to all Ghanaians. Kwame B. Acheampong General Secretary NPP North America Branch
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