31.08.2021 Feature Article

Afghanistan disaster exposes limits of a "Free Society"

Afghanistan disaster exposes limits of a
LISTEN AUG 31, 2021

The USA built on the belief of the "Free Man" by settlers escaping the oppression of their European countries on religious and economic grounds faces once more the failure of their inbuilt spirit everyone in a society is foremost responsible for his luck and the political system best stays out of this path to personal happiness.

Gun laws in the "Country of the Free" sees constant mass shootings and killings at the hands of criminal gangs, criminals and police officers. The open path to make it from a dishwasher to a Millionaire in the shortest possible time is unprecedented like in not many other countries.

The 9/11 fall of the World Trade Center twin towers were possible due to the lack of security measures and the failure of the intelligence community in the country to share collected information and work effectively and creative on a solution to protect innocent lives.

The helpless response was entering Afghanistan to bring down Al Qaeda in its home territory. In the course of the past 20 years of war impossible to ever win many innocent Americans died blowing up funds that could have sold major problems back home like infrastructure, job creation, Health Care System for all among others. Investing the money in protecting the country on home soil would have saved lives, money and not exposed the country to needless shame. This would have required limitations of personal freedom.

This evidence demonstrates a society with no clear and strict rules enforced by strong institutions limiting personal freedom can never be inclusive and fair to most of its citizens destined to fail on its vision and promises.

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