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Address the Horrible MTN Network in Ho and other Parts of Volta Region: An Open Letter to MTN CEO

Address the Horrible MTN Network in Ho and other Parts of Volta Region: An Open Letter to MTN CEO
LISTEN MAY 25, 2021

Greetings Mr. Adadevoh. I have a problem with the poor MTN network in Ho and other parts of Volta Region. I am not a telecommunication expert so I will speak my mind in a layman’s voice. I will go straight to the point without mincing words and I am an aggrieved subscriber to MTN, the Telco for which you are the CEO.

The performance of the MTN network in Ho and many other parts of the Volta Region is nasty. I am sure your organisation is aware about the problem but you are apparently not concerned hence, you have not proffered a remedy yet. The bad network in Ho and other areas in the Volta Region is not only a disrespect to MTN customers but also a way of cheating them. It appears to me that your company is complacent because it is the giant in the telecommunication industry here in Ghana. The complacency might be the germane cause of the neglect of customer concerns in Ho.

Mr. Adadevoh, some of us have been loyal customers to your Telco over the years and we witnessed its metamorphoses from Spacefon through Areeba to MTN yet we still use the network. Do you and your team really care about such loyal customers? I am aware that the network is equally bad in other regions. Is the problem unsurmountable for your team?

Nye Bro CEO, what a company exists to do is its mission and MTN has a mission. MTN’s mission statement reads, “To make our customers’ lives a whole lot brighter.” If this is so and your team is truly committed to it, then the MTN network in Ho and other parts of the Volta Region will not be this bad. With the horrible MTN network in Ho, I think some aggrieved MTN users would compellingly re-write the MTN mission statement to read, “To make our customers’ lives a whole lot darker and full of frustrations.”

Apart from the mission statement, MTN has brand values, which I think are the same as the organisational core values. They are captioned under leadership, innovation, integrity, relationships and can do. Notable among the specific brand values are:

  1. Leading the way through connectivity enablement.
  2. We are, because of you, our customer.
  3. Creating possibility.

It is sad to observe that the horrible MTN network in Ho, its environs and other parts of the Volta Region gives credence to the fact that your company only pays lip service to the brand values. Certainly, MTN is rather impeding connectivity enablement in Ho, MTN does not have customer satisfaction at heart and the network is rather creating impossibility in mobile phone usage in the Volta Region. Customers feel the reverse forms of your brand values in Ho and its environs. What are your Brand Managers and Technicians doing?

MTN CEO, I write from an embittered and frustrated heart. Undoubtedly, you are aware that people use their mobile phones for daily transactions such as mobile money services, mobile health services, Zoom and other online conferences. Imagine that in this era of unemployment in Ghana, someone applied for a job and he is being invited for a job interview but the potential employer cannot get the job applicant via phone to inform him about the interview. Mr. Adadevoh, that will be a missed opportunity, a misfortune and a missed fortune caused by poor MTN network, which you superintend over at its zenith.

CEO Adadevoh, what makes the MTN network horrible in Ho as I keep saying? You place a call and you do not hear a tone let alone get the calls through. You get a call through to the other party and the call drops repeatedly. You are talking on phone and you only hear a generator or whatever sound. You are in a phone conversation with a friend and you keep talking without knowing that the line dropped. You buy data bundle but you are unable to use it to access the internet and social media. You get a social media video and for hours, you cannot download. There are times that the network is virtually non-existent for a whole day. How can such a poor service make MTN realise its vision, which states, “To lead the delivery of bold, new Digital World to our customers.” Or is the MTN vision a low- hanging fruit?

Nye Bro MTN CEO, you need to swiftly dispatch your technical teams to resolve the poor MTN network problem in the Volta Region. Permit me to repeat this clarion call for remedy in Pidgin English. Masa, you for make your people coma solve the problem wey your network dey cause for Ho cum other places in Volta oo. You for take quick action. You hear me so? Na network nu wo What is accurately measured can be improved appropriately so move into assessment and required remedial action. The MTN slogan is everywhere you go. This slogan must translate into quality service rather expanding weak mobile network coverage to the people. As the MTN CEO, the bus stops with you so do something.

~ Asante Sana ~
Author: Philip Afeti Korto
Email: [email protected]

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