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21.04.2021 Feature Article

The World In A Meltdown Mode

The World In A Meltdown Mode
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We are living in dangerous times and only God can tell the future of the world. Every day, we hear of wars, rumours of wars, suicide bombings, terrorist attacks, threat of nuclear and biological wars, and many more. Men of God tell us all these are signs and symptoms of Armageddon and that the end of the world is near. We seem to be sitting on edge as we continue to eat, drink, and make merry as if we are safe.

The same things happened in the days of Noah and when the deluge came not even those who could climb the tallest tree survived. Sometimes I shudder to broach on the issue of a nuclear and biological war because in a nuclear and biological war, all mankind will be losers. If you compare what was happening during the days of the Cold War to what is happening now, one is made to believe that the Cold War was better. At least during the Cold War, every nation was afraid of her neighbour because you did not know what was in the arsenal of your neighbor, and so every nation held her cards on her chest.

Today, North Korea, a rogue and pariah nation, is always displaying her deadly weapons for the world to see and continues to test her missiles in the face of various sanctions against the state. The world super powers are afraid to attack North Korea because if they do, the secretive state will unleash her deadly weapons and the results would be catastrophic. Almighty America with her advanced technology cannot penetrate the secret arsenal of North Korea, so fighting them is very dangerous since America cannot tell what is in store in their nuclear arsenal. So North Korea continues to flex muscles and daring the world to try anything funny and see what will happen. The sages say if a cripple tells you he will throw a stone at you, he might be sitting on one. North Korea has not denied that they are part of the axis of evil as declared by former President George W. Bush.of the USA.

Iran is not only a threat to world peace but also to the survival of Israel. Sanctions upon sanctions have been slapped on this nation, but they continue to pursue their ambition of developing a nuclear bomb. Israel has served notice that they will never sit down for Iran to possess a nuclear bomb because Iran has vowed to wipe out Israel from the surface of the world map. It stands to reason that if Iran continues with their nuclear bomb ambition, Israel will launch a preemptive attack on Iran and Iran too will retaliate and that will be the beginning of an all-out war. A proxy war will be in the making and the possibility of a Third World War will ensue. How will a Third World War look like? Your guess is as right as mine. In a Third World War, AK 47 assault rifles, drones, molars, grenades, bazookas and other conventional weapons will be useless.

Countries have developed nuclear warheads, so with the press of a button, a whole nation could be wiped out. Some countries too have biological and other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), so they don't need to move troops to amass at borders to engage in a shootout when war breaks out. In a situation of that nature, civilian casualties will be overwhelming since people will die like flies. Just imagine how dangerous it will be if even a few nuclear weapons find its way in the hands of a small rogue regime. Listen to Benjamin Netanyahu: “Those who threaten us with annihilation have put themselves in harm's way. Israel will defend itself with the full force of our arms and the full power of our conviction.” And remember Israel has nuclear weapons which it can deploy when attacked.

Iran, North Korea and Israel could ignite a Third World War. Israel has never forgotten the Holocaust which led to the murder of six million Jews, and they are prepared to do everything to survive in the face of threats by her Arab neighbours, particularly Iran. They have history to guide them and they continue to say: “Never Again!” Anytime I listen to a speech delivered by Mr. Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel at the United Nation General Assembly, I have fears running down my spine. The guy is prepared for anything, including nuclear war to save the people of Israel.

The Second World War broke out because of the indecisiveness of the League of Nations. The world looked unconcerned when a mad man like Hitler started to execute his plans of conquering the world. Before that war could be brought under control, millions of souls had been lost and infrastructures destroyed. It looks as if we are travelling the same path again, unless something is done to disarm countries that possess nuclear, biological and other Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is entirely up to us to either lift the world to new heights or let it fall into the valley of disrepair.

How will Africa survive in a Third World War? No chance at all. When Libya and South Africa tried to develop nuclear bombs, they were coerced into abandoning their ambition, so Africa has no capability to use such weapons as a deterrent. Look at how difficult we find ourselves when it comes to forcing people to wear nose masks because of the threat of COVID-19. How then can we convince people to wear gas masks in case of a nuclear attack? Our chances of surviving a nuclear attack are very slim and only the Lord of Host can save us from such a catastrophe. You may call me a prophet of doom, but say your prayers before you go to bed. As for me, a stick of Havana cigar can soothe my sorrow and fear. After all when the rain falls, it won't fall on one man's house!!!

By Eric Bawah

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