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Move 80% of courses online, reduce data cost and fees by 50% — Franklin Cudjoe to tertiary institutions

Move 80 of courses online, reduce data cost and fees by 50 — Franklin Cudjoe to tertiary institutions
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Franklin Cudjoe, president of IMANI Africa has advised authorities of the various tertiary institutions in the country.

Mr. Cudjoe advises that 80 percent of all the courses which are taught in tertiary institutions in the country should be moved online with minimal face-to-face lecturers for courses that are experimental.

According to the IMANI Africa boss, if tertiary students are made to have courses taught online, the perennial accommodation problems they [students] face will be a thing of the past as they will only be at the comfort of their homes to be lectured by their tutors online.

"Not cool that tertiary students are being crammed in extortionist and crappy private hostels all because they need to access higher education," Franklin Cudjoe said in a post on his Facebook wall.

"Can we move 80% of courses taught online with few in-person meetings for essential practical experiments?" he quizzes.

Franklin Cudjoe further calls for a drastic reduction in fees charged in the tertiary institutions so they can be beared without much stress by the students or their guardians.

He also appealed to the government to work towards the reduction of cost of data in the country. This, according to him, will enable students to access or join online lectures at lower cost.

"Fees should be halved, data cost and taxes revised again," he said.

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