22.11.2020 Opinion

A New Dawn Of Hope For Dome-Kwabenya Constituency

By Danny Columbus
A New Dawn Of Hope For Dome-Kwabenya Constituency
LISTEN NOV 22, 2020

Madam Elikplim Akurugu’s election as NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency presents an opportunity to salvage the constituency from the woeful and inept leadership that has characterised it in the past sixteen years.

The constituency has grown in leaps and bounds since it was created in 2004 and has become the largest on our nation’s voter’s register. Unfortunately, the kind of leadership that has been provided in the constituency since its inception has not reflected the needs and aspirations of the constituents, especially in the last eight years. The constituency despite its enormous potential, has not been guided and led to the actualization of those potentials. It has simply lacked the focus and direction that will guide it to unearth its full potentials and make it a constituency deserving of its stature and characteristics.

Going into the December 7 polls, we are offered an opportunity to either maintain the status quo of this inept and woeful leadership that has bedeviled the constituency in the last eight years or usher in a new pragmatic and proactive leadership that will propel the kind of development we want for our constituency. I would urge you to choose the latter. We need to set the stage that will propel the needed development (human and physical) in the constituency. Elikplim Akurugu offers that opportunity and a vote for her clearly will set in motion the actualization of this collective objective.

Elikplim Akurugu seeks to render practical the essence and intents of parliamentary democracy through inclusion and participation. She is committed to offering effective representation in the august house of legislature as part of her primary responsibility when elected Member of Parliament and also set in motion the development of the Dome – Kwabenya constituency. Indicative of this commitment is her outlined fifteen initiatives contained in a social contract between her and the people of the Dome – Kwabenya constituency. These initiatives are as follows;

1. Empower women and women groups;

Women constitute a majority of the informal sector and in line with the National Democratic Congress’ People’s Manifesto promise to provide an informal pensions scheme and rapidly modernize market centres across the country, Madam Elikplim Akurugu, when elected Member of Parliament will make sure the women in Dome – Kwabenya constituency are not left out.

She will also provide opportunities for women to become economically resourced. As a woman, she will put the needs of women, who are mostly marginalized despite constituting the majority in our country, at the centre of all the policies and initiatives for the constituency. Women activism will be an integral issue during her term in office. She will also assist women to assess soft loans through the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC).

2. Support the youth to enrol on the National Apprenticeship Programme;

This initiative stems from National Apprenticeship Programme promised in the NDC’s People’s Manifesto. In this programme, young people who are desirous of acquiring any technical or vocational skill, will be enrolled for free and allocated to registered master craftsmen.

The young people will be paid some stipends in order to fend for themselves and upon completion of their training, they will be given the necessary tool-kits to set up their own businesses. Madam Elikplim Akurugu will facilitate the implementation of this programme and make sure that the constituency reaps the full benefits of it.

3. Lobby for the establishment of a Technical and Vocational Education and Training centre in the constituency for skills training and programmes.

4. Educational Support;

Under the ELIKPLIM FOUNDATION, brilliant but needy students will be supported and educational materials will be equally distributed to students across the constituency. Also, to improve on teaching and learning across the constituency, Madam Elikplim Akurugu will:

- Establish a library and learning centre,

- Provide adequate books and learning materials to existing libraries in the constituency,

- Organize annual quizzes, debates and essay writing competitions among schools in the constituency,

- Provide incentive packages for performing teachers in public schools.

5. Organize annual competitive sports events to unearth and groom talents within the constituency through the Sports Development and Promotion Initiative.

6. Set up a Career Guidance and Counselling Centre for students and young people;

Madam Elikplim Akurugu seeks to leverage on her profession as counsellor to provide guidance and counselling for students and young people with choosing a career for themselves. Under this initiative, she will embark on a mentorship campaign where students and young people will be given mentors to guide and train them become their best selves.

7. Speak out for the needs of women, youth and children to ensure dignity for all in the constituency.

8. Support and protect the welfare needs of commercial drivers and Okada riders in the constituency.

9. Support farmers in the rural and peri-urban communities within the constituency.

10. Lobby and assist in the establishment of Dome – Kwabenya Industrial Park.

11. Lobby for establishment of Fire Station and lighting Dome-Kwabenya to ensure the safety and security of constituents.

12. Promote balanced development in all electoral areas.

It is trite knowledge that the development of the constituency has been done in perceived strongholds of the current Member of Parliament to the neglect of many other communities. Many other communities in the constituency have seen little or no development. Madam Elikplim Akurugu is committed to ensuring a balanced development in all communities in the constituency.

13. Set up fully equipped MP’s coordination office to cure “Missing in Action MP Syndrome”.

Madam Elikplim Akurugu believes this will allow for inclusion and participation which will render practical the essence and intent of people’s representation in the house of legislature.

14. Present annual State of the Constituency open forum to address concerns of constituents.

Madam Elikplim Akurugu believes that the best way to serve in the interest of the people is listen to their concerns. She believes an annual open forum will be an opportunity to listen to these concerns. This will also promote the participation and inclusion which she is keen on. She will also seize this opportunity to account for her stewardship.

15. Hold annual inter-religious prayer and thanksgiving for the constituency.

This is aimed at promoting religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence and good neighbourliness in the constituency.

In conclusion, let me place on record that this is the first time in the history of Dome-Kwabenya, a parliamentary candidate has outlined clearly her plans and vision for the constituency. Madam Elikplim Akurugu takes the people of Dome-Kwabenya seriously. The development of the constituency matters dearly to her.

She will serve in your best interest with humility, verve and candour. She is not concerned with exploiting the largesse of the position and social prestige, but about social reformation and building our constituency from the bottom-up. Dome – Kwabenya faces a leadership crisis, which if not checked, portends a disaster for all of us. The only way we can avert this disaster is by voting for change.











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