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17.09.2020 Press Release

Provide Credible Timeline For Implementation Of Projects And Policies In Manifesto – PIRAN Ghana

By PIRAN Ghana
Provide Credible Timeline For Implementation Of Projects And Policies In Manifesto – PIRAN Ghana
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We strongly condemn the general lack of a credible timeline for the implementation of most of the manifesto promises of the two main political parties in Ghana. Most of the promises are could better be described as a ‘trap for votes’ and will never be implemented at all after the 2020 elections.

PIRAN is of the opinion that most of the promises of both the NPP and NDC could not be implemented within the first four years after 2020, as these two political parties are touting to innocent voters. We therefore urge them to be honest in the provision of truthfully credible timelines for the execution of their promises to citizens of the country.

PIRAN also condemns the two main parties that have ruled Ghana since 1992 for not adding the policy not to add to the soaring national debt in their ‘sugar coated manifestoes”. We therefore strongly condemn the NPP in particular for doubling Ghana national debt from about GH120bn to about GH250bn today since taking over from the last NDC government.

The citizenry and voters in particular must understand that soaring national debts only implies that governments since 1992 have not properly invested loans contracted on their behalf and more importantly might have ended up in the personal accounts of public officers.

We therefore urge Ghanaians to be mindful of what the government they vote into power do with public finances as soaring national debt increasingly makes it extremely difficult for future governments to properly deliver on social services and infrastructure.

Politicians have made the citizenly aware that manifestoes are only intentions and hence not obliged to fulfill then, but we are of the view that once is a promise it must be honored to give meaning to spoken words, if we accept the perception that Politian’s are liars and lying is their game plan they will continue to make untruthful statement and promises under guise of being a manifesto.

It is in this light that we appeal to drafters of political manifestoes should see the need to capture source of funding the project and policy propose, timelines or implementation timetable that is start and completion of such programme or policy.

This can help discerning Ghanaians to see which of the manifestoes are feasible and those with doubtful possibilities.

Yours Faithful.


Felix Djan Foh

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