14.09.2020 Press Release

Urgent Notice From Aggrieved NSPs

14.09.2020 LISTEN
By Isaac Bawuah

We are a group of students who just finished our national service.

Our allowances have been in arrears, some for two months, others for 3 or more. We have been left to our own since service is now over.

Many of us were deducted Ghs 50 for a cloth we never received, yet we never complained. Our allowances have been in arrears for 4 months for some, others 5 months, and others too received no amount for the transportation after the service.

Every month we were given false hope that the arrears would be paid in the following month after providing all the necessary details for the allowance processing, yet to no avail, nevertheless we acted with utmost patience. Now our patience is running out. The Secretariat has shown least interest. The service is over with many of us having our allowances locked up with the secretariat, yet no official communique has been released by the secretariat with regard to why the allowances have or should delay for such long.

This to us is a complete disregard to our wellbeing and difficult thing to understand, especially when we have fully served our country in the past year. We find this behavior extremely unacceptable. Denying or delaying deserving students their allowances due is detestable and unghanaian!

We are pleading with the president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, and officially complain to the good people of Ghana of the injustice meted out to us.

The secretariat has itself to blame for any possible next action.


Isaac Kwaku Bawuah

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