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11.09.2020 Feature Article

Perchance Is There A Conspicuous Missing-From-Manifestos-Clue That Is A Harbinger Of Future Egregious-Corruption?

Perchance Is There A Conspicuous Missing-From-Manifestos-Clue That Is A Harbinger Of Future Egregious-Corruption?
LISTEN SEP 11, 2020

A conspicuous missing-from-manifestos-clue, to the NPP/NDC duopoly's contempt for ordinary Ghanaians: failing to promise to swiftly pass new laws, empowering the Auditor General to prosecute, once they assume office - and ensure its passage by Parliament, and its accomplishment within their first 100 days in office.

Does that missing-from-manifestos-clue, perhaps tell us something, one wonders: A harbinger of the egregious-rot to come, perhaps? The question discerning minds need to ponder over is: Does that perhaps show their determination to continue gang-raping Mother Ghana, and Mother Nature, anaaaaa - by cooking up yet more Assaaseyaa-Agyapaaapabi-capers? Yoooooo...

Fellow Ghanaians, have we not all seen the ponderous pace, which a poorly-resourced Special Prosecutor, is forced to adopt? Perchance, is that outrageous situation, not an enforced-by-suspicious-circumstances-failing, which, alas, has been, and is, enabling and emboldening, rapacious-thieves-in-high-places? Yoooooo...

And will their failure to promise to empower the Auditor General to prosecute thieves-in-high-places, not result in their ability to continue their rip-off of our country, and entrenching their personal-wealth-creation-duping-strategies, as well as their massive defrauding of the Ghanaian nation-state; and their impoverishing a hapless and thoroughly-fed-up-citizenry, by piling up yet more endless-debt, with total impunity, once in office, again? Yoooooo...

Hmmmm, Oman Ghana, eyeasem, ooooo - enti yewieye paaa enei? Asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa, ooooo. Yoooooo...

Kofi Thompson
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