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10.09.2020 Feature Article

Martin Amidu: Please Verbose Grammar Laden Epistles Are Not Part Of Your Job Remit As Special Prosecutor – So Focus!

Martin Amidu: Please Verbose Grammar Laden Epistles Are Not Part Of Your Job Remit As Special Prosecutor – So Focus!
LISTEN SEP 10, 2020

“Envy is the ulcer of the soul” ... Socrates

From a nondescript pigeonhole and in a subdued voice, the powerless claws of Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidufrantically scratches the walls of his pigeonhole confinement as if trying hard to be heard and get noticed. As the hours pass by, the diminishing aura of “Simpa Panyin” Special Prosecutor aka toothless bulldog diminishes in inverse proportion as the level of his personal hatred towards John Dramani Mahama rises in an unfolding public spectacle of glaring personal hatred, envy, jealously and scorn, poured out in frenzied bouts and salvos, in an unrelenting attempt to shoot down and take out the rising star of the great John Dramani Mahama. The level of personal hatred being publicly displayed is mindboggling and has been consistently repeated that it is very real and cannot be considered as mere coincidence!

Professor Kwamena Ahwoi authored a book titled “Working with Rawlings” and appears to have misjudged the timing for the book launch because his book contains snippets of information that some may deem to be unpalatable and consider that such information will not enhance the political and election fortunes of NDC in an election year. The ill-timing of Ahwoi’sbook launch notwithstanding an even worse harbinger are the prospects of unsolicited commentaries by aggrieved persons cited in the book who may be unhappy with the information publicly disclosed such that they may seek to retaliate by pouring kerosene on the dying embers of controversial incidents and events narrated by Ahwoi at a time when NDC needs to close its ranks, and forge a united and undivided front to wrestle political power from NPP.

Out of nowhere and as if gifted with a cache of ammunition, Martin Amidu emerges as a loose cannon and with alacrity has authored and fired a series of his trademark verbose grammar-laden epistles which he presents as a critique of Ahwoi’s“Working with Rawlings” at a time NDC is in the midst of serious public discourse to outdoor and discuss the 2020 NDC election manifesto.

Martin Amidu under the ruse of critiquing Prof Ahwoi’s book has resorted to eulogizing and courting public attention and renewing his unalloyed loyalty to former President Jerry John Rawlings, and has seized this opportunity to reassure his new paymasters of his unflinching desire to show gratitude and appreciation for his elevation to the position of Special Prosecutor, and thereby continue his 2016 Citizen Vigilante Agenda that was aimed to rundown John Mahama and NDC from power, and is now seeking to do same for the 2020 elections. Not surprising for an election year huh!

Amidu started with strenuous attempts to permanently dent the image and reputation of Hon Mahama Ayariga (NDC MP for Bawku Central) using among others the alleged purchase of an Ambulance by Hon Ayariga that had his name embossed as the donor. Interesting enough is his wild goose chase on the Airbus Government Official-1 caper. The same Martin Amidu does not appear to have noticed the ongoing public discourse on the numerous high rated corruption scandals that have engulfed the Nana Akufo-Addo and Mahamudu Bawumia presidency, and even did not notice when his bosom friend, Daniel Yao Domelevo was pursued and eventually chased out of office. Not a whimper was heard from Amidu seeking to demand due process or empathise with the Auditor General.

The fact is Martin Amidu is feeding fat on our taxes on a daily basis whilst he is doing virtually nothing. He rides in his latest V8 to the office to investigate nothing. It is almost as if Amiduhas joined others to watch National Geographic Wildlife series on DSTV anytime PDS scandal, Agyapa heist among others are the subject for public discussion. How comfortable can the Special Prosecutor, the self-proclaimed anti-corruption crusader, Mr Martin Amidu be in the prevailing Ghana paradigm where corruption, nepotism, greed, depletion of the national purse, broad day stealing have become the order of the day and the preoccupation of the President and his family and friends government?

What has become of the Woyome case? Where is our GHC 51m? Who would have thought that by now Woyome will still be walking comfortably as a free man? The noise Amidu made about Woyome was what was used to galvanise and sway public opinion like a groundswell 9/11 tsunami against John Mahamaand the NDC. Today Martin Amidu ends up in court on this same issue, fighting and insulting the Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame, with his usual clamour for respect in front of the law.

The only time Martin Amidu appears to be working with his glasses on is when John Mahama’s name is mentioned in an issue. Even on the supposed Airbus issue where the Ghanaian taxpayer has lost nothing, Amidu was busily running around helter-skelter to make a big meal out of it. From his failed fake “INTERPOL Red Alert”, supposedly issued, and the usual lengthy epistles authored by Amidu all point to his dislike for John Mahama and a passionate desire to smoulder and bury John Mahama with an epithet of corruption.

Interestingly, after failing spectacularly with the issuance of that red alert, what Ghanaians don’t know was that, Martin Amiduand other accomplices tried behind the scenes to cajole Samuel Mahama to embark on a suicide mission to Ghana on 27th July 2020. On the 24th of July 2020, a letter was silently issued by Ghana’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Papa Owusu Ankomah to Samuel Mahama. In this letter, an invitation was extended to Samuel Foster Mahama to voluntarily join a one-way KLM-Air France evacuation flight in Amsterdam to Ghana.

The ploy was to get Samuel Mahama to travel to Ghana as planned and then have him arrested at Kotoka International Airport by BNI operatives for press publicity mileage just to make big news out of it. This ploy failed flatly because Samuel Mahama was not obliged to honour the invitation and besides he has not been formally charged for committing any criminal offense and neither had he been previously contacted by any Government Official, though he is being branded and declared a criminal by the Akufo-Addo government and its propaganda agents like Martin Amidu.

We can only advise and remind Martin Amidu Alamisi BurnesKaiser that the NDC is focused on rescuing Ghana from the Akufo-Addo’s mess created by his family and friends government. The John Mahama that he is targeting can hardly hear his faint voice. The John Mahama that he has repeatedly attacked, bashed, accused based merely on hearsay and gossips, and who he has labelled as a “thief” and threatened to expose, is now rated highly over and above Nana Akufo-Addo especially in terms of his fight against corruption.

Ghanaians are wild awake and now know that the lengthy epistles authored by Mr Martin Amidu as a critique of the book by Prof Ahwoi is yet another attempt to incite Rawlings against Mahama but this time it won’t wash. So, as Martin Amidu seeks to wake up a sleeping lion, the Ghanaian public is unenthused and are busily discussing the People’s Manifesto delivered by John Mahama and the NDC. Nobody has time to make bitter Amidu headline news once more.

The Special Prosecutor should be reminded that there are numerous corruption cases involving senior government officials in Nana Akufo-Addo’s government which the taxpayer is interested in. So get down to work and investigate them. MrMartin Amidu should be reminded that Mr Woyome is still a free man.

In an article authored by Martin Amidu on the 5th December 2016, he told Ghanaians that if they wanted the GHC 51m Woyome money to be paid back and Mr Woyome jailed, then, they should vote against Mahama. WERE WE SCAMMED?

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