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God has killed me - Part 14

God has killed me  - Part 14
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While passing the Anglican Church seeing the newly constructed and impressive Methodist Church right in front of them on the right side at another junction Princess put Mr Karl into perspective: "I heard the story of a man named Joe. He is from Kumasi and actually is now in your country. I think somewhere...let me think...Hamburg. Yes, must be Hamburg. Now, he paid ten thousand Euros for a Connection Man."

"What is a Connection Man, Princess? I have never heard of it before!" was Mr Karl left stranded in the darkness of creativity.

"Now, these people know how to bring someone with no legal papers into your society and take lost of money from them. Now he has no legal papers but needs to feed himself and his wife and two kids back here in Ghana. So, he is saying in a small one-room apartment in Hamburg above a restaurant in which he works as a waiter. He has no legal papers so he cannot access your health system. The money he gets not he gets directly, but it will be transferred into the bank account of some of us that have legal papers. That person gives him around seven hundred Euros from what I hear. the benefit like health insurance, pension benefits and unemployment claims go all to that other man...not for him, not for Joe. So, when people from Kumasi call him he advised them not to do the same as he did but to do something small in Ghana and grow over time. That is the reason why many of our ladies force themselves to get married to any White Man and want to get pregnant very fast. Not that they love such men but once the baby is believed think they can get a residence permit for your country easily and stay. Even chopping your social security benefits. So, their intention is to make babies each year and get child support which is enough for them even to build houses here in Ghana. And one day they will return back to Ghana, enjoy a good life here in their own houses. Oh, Mr people are very naive and only see our tears and our words of sorrow and misery...but you never look behind our faces...never. And if you do...guess will not find out the truth in many cases as we have ways to cheat on you so easily. For that, Mr Karl, I do have to blame you, people. Do not get me wrong, please...this has nothing to do with racism, it has only something to do with being honest and permitted in a country. Do you think all these people that have left and want to leave because they do not love Ghana their motherland? Far from it. They are pushed to do all that and leave as here they do not trust the system and the people in charge at the top seeing all of them as the same evil people destroying generation after generation."

"And what about you?"

"You mean, whether me...I also want to set sail and leave as soon as possible?" asked Princess back while sitting on concrete blocks under a roof half erected to be eventually the roof of a private church to have a short break in the heat of the day. "Why should I not? I mean, let's face reality and be honest to ourselves. Based on the sweat words of our Leaders of all parties I cannot build my future, not raise a family. Why should I pass through all these lies we hear always with a country so highly indebted that we the young once have to pay back all the loans and interest on it. Mr How should we be able to do all that...simply impossible. Our Leaders take money from you people, invest it into Ghana and taking their share of it into their Swiss bank accounts, interventions that do not last for a long time but crumble over short time of period or like Komenda Sugar Factory never produces at all left to rod in the bush of Ghana, hospitals and schools never completed and its concrete structures took over by the bush...come on Mr Karl...Sir, how can you want to live in such a country as a young woman like me that wants to build a great future for herself. Look around, feel and hear this country and soon you get tired of all the lies that people want to put on you. Even when I think of this Joe I have just mentioned and the fact one day when he was sharing a room with a man from Ivory Coast, also illegal in Germany, that Ivorian once was in Hamburg City Center while his girl-friend got attacked with who he had a child by her ex-husband, a Nigerian. That Nigerian was about to lose custody of the child he had with that woman and faced extradition back to Nigeria. Therefore at an Underground Station, he faced his ex-wife with the Ivorian boy-friend was with her. The Nigerian stabbed his ex-wife to death with a knife and she died in front of her children. The Ivorian run off but was wanted as a witness. The police found out where the man was residing, went there to look for him. When Joe saw that he jumped out of the window and slept for days in the cold outside in your streets. Even when such stories happen...I mean...isisisisn't it better to see the light at the end of the tunnel...than hearing all these false promises short-lived in Ghana from our leaders not bringing us anywhere...only round and round, from poverty level to poverty level?"

"That is very worrying, Princess!"

Princess smiled and looked around: "Oh Mr Karl, you still must understand more about us...seriously. Look into facts, please...Sir! Our leaders are happy that we get pushed out of the country by the circumstances they cause for us. They know and calculate very well that each Ghanaian abroad sends money back home to support their families, start building a house or small business. This money each year is in the Billions of Dollars. It helps to stabilize the Cedi and our economy, takes away the burden on our social system, on our health care providers and so on. I assume that Germans leaving Germany or British migrating to America do normally not send money home, am I right?"

"I think...they send no money home but use it for their life in their new home. At least I do not know of anyone that has left for abroad that send money home for his family," answered Mr Karl.

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