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The "Corruptest" Family in Ghana is the Papa No's

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To stress on how corrupt the Papa No's family is, I have coined a slang or a pidgin word, "corruptest", to describe the family. However, students in formal language are to use "most corrupt" but when mocking the family for their excessive infatuation with corrupt practices, please rather use "corruptest". As former American world boxing champion Mike Tyson proudly defined himself as the "baddest" man on earth, employing the American slang rather than "worst", so I am doing today. Please, don't laugh, for I am serious ooo!

The head of the family, the "Papa No" himself, is a personified walking infectious corruption. Under his administration as the President of Ghana, official corruption masterminded and orchestrated by his government appointees and some of his NDC party members became the obvious order of the day. They were embezzling public funds through dubious means at any least opportunity they got. The cost of government contracts were bloated so as to give them the chance to accept kickback.

Look at the cost of the two road interchanges he built, one at Circle in Accra called the Dubai interchange and the other at Kasoa in the Central Region. The cost of only that at Circle is almost the total cost of the four road interchanges of much better quality and complexities that His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is building, or has built, at Tema, Obetsebi Circle, Pokuase and Tamale.

He was alleged to have indulged himself in some graft of some sort regarding Ghana's desire to purchase Brazilian Embraer aircrafts for the Ghana military. I learnt the late President Evans Atta Mills had ordered a Committee to be set up to investigate the "Papa No" in case he had short-changed Ghana. Unfortunately, the President kicked the bucket before the Committee could take off.

The "Papa No" had penchant for moving any of his appointees found by the public to have committed an act of malfeasance from their position to another. He reshuffles them instead of shuffling them off. Because he was too corrupt, and his appointees knew him very well for that, he had a difficulty sacking them for the fear of being exposed by them, hence official corruption ramifying under his administration like a mushroom mound in its season.

The "Papa No" has many invisible octopus-like hands apart from the two visible ones to grab money from anywhere for his selfish ends. Upon all the money he stole from the Ghanaian taxpayers, he was using some of them to keep his many succulent damsels extremely happy. Any beautiful woman that bears her nakedness to him indoors to quench his libidinal appetite is purchased a luxury car, a house and given money to do business. All the money so used is allegedly embezzled from the Ghanaian taxpayers.

As he was voraciously amassing illegal wealth, those with insight into his activities also steeled themselves for getting richer by any illegal means possible hence the many microfinance institutions that sprang up throughout Ghana only to dupe their depositors.

The "Papa No's" younger sibling on the other hand was evading import duties by criminally issuing dud cheques in payment of import duties levied on his imported goods into the country. He had borrowed huge sums of money from two banks without ever paying back the loans. The banks subsequently went into bankruptcy and folded up. Did he not take a loan of fifty-eight million Cedis or dollars from the defunct Merchant Bank? Did he again not take three hundred and two million New Cedis from the now consolidated UT Bank? He always refuses to pay back the loans. Such a person, in my view a criminal, is however kowtowed to in Ghana as a super rich man. It is rumoured he helps women in the same manner as his elder brother does.

Another younger sibling of the "Papa No" residing overseas also engages in bribery to enrich not only himself, but his senior brother of octopus-arms. Just imagine the Airbus scandal that has tarnished the reputation of Ghana internationally. Look at the bribe money he was paid to use to influence his elder brother, the elected Ghana government official 1.

Finally, was the "Papa No's" wife not rumoured to be removing cars belonging to Ghanaian car importers who could not meet the heavy import duties imposed on the cars, only to share them among her favourites without paying their owners or the government a dime?

Why, oh why, is this "Papa No" family so infectiously and greedily corrupt? Do they think they will see the end of wealth before they die?

When the "Papa No" had just about a week to handover power to the president-elect, he dishonestly signed out a 75% of the Nyinahin bauxite deposit in what was an illegal contract to one of his younger brothers. However, all mineral deposits in Ghana belong to the entire citizens of Ghana and must be harnessed for the benefit all. Why did he seek to give it to his brother? God being so kind to Ghanaians, "Papa No" did not follow the proper procedure. He did not seek parliamentary approval as required by the 1992 Constitution. Therefore, the NPP government abrogated that hurriedly fictitious contract signed between the "Papa No" and his younger sibling. He signed the contract on 30 December 2016 knowing he was to hand over power to the incoming president-elect on 7 January 2017. Ah, in fact, this "Papa No" is a damn criminal and too avaricious.

I may be wrong to use fallout here but the benefit to the nation for reassigning the contract following the specifications of the 1992 Constitution is the construction of the many ongoing asphalt roads throughout Ghana.

Why is this "Papa No" family inherently corrupt? What should be done to them? Should they be allowed to steal money without ever prosecuting them? How do we feel if a hen or cock, thus a fowl, stealer, can be jailed for three to five years while the members of the "Papa No" family steal in millions of US dollars or Ghana New Cedis and go scot free?

Shout on top of the mountains and in the valleys, "Which is the "corruptest" family in Ghana?" and whoever hears that must respond, "the Papa No's family!"

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy hence this jovial publication but bordering on the truth. We need to hoot at the "Papa No's" family for them to stop their roguish corrupt attitudes if we cannot have them prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction.

"The battle is the Lord's"

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

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