22.08.2006 Press Release

Government Must Move Swiftly On Cocaine Saga - CPP

By CPP(UK& Ireland)
Government Must Move Swiftly On Cocaine Saga - CPP
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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, fellow countrymen, Ghanaians in the Diaspora have watched the national scene in amazement as events have unfolded around Cocaine, trafficking, corruption in high places and the “rule of law”, in our beloved country Ghana.
Many hundreds have contacted the CPP(UK & Ireland) in despair, concerned about the future direction of the country we all love.
What is clear to them is that the image of the country has been tarnished in the process and the credibility of the Government, the NPP and the institutions of “Law & Order” has been seriously undermined, and perhaps dented permanently.
Every single e mail that the CPP (UK & Ireland) has received or monitored does not leave the ruling NPP government blameless, with many quite critical about what they see as the government's failure on the issue.
Some have felt that the NPP Government has been slow to act and should have moved many months ago when one of its own MP's was arrested in the United States and is still facing a jail sentence .for drug trafficking.

Ladies and Gentlemen Ghanaians are now calling on the Government to move swiftly to restore credibility to the institution of government and to avoid further erosion of trust in the state institutions such as the Ghana Police Service.

We join them in expecting action to address these matters including the following:

• The Georgina Wood Committee should be allowed to do its work and must avoid compromising any ongoing criminal investigations of suspected drug barons and other criminal drug dealers.
• The investigation of known suspects, Drug Barons and those already arrested must be speeded up with charges brought to our courts urgently.
• H.E the President and his government should pass on to the police any evidence and the dossiers on individuals that he has recently referred to publicly.
• The Government must ensure that it has the best legal advice possible within the shores of Ghana or internationally to ensure that notorious barons do not escape justice because they have managed to assemble some of the most high profile Lawyers in our country.

• All who are implicated including Police Officers, CID Personnel, and Politicians should be arrested and charged, and that no one should be above the law.

• That the time has come for Government to appoint a Drugs Czar who should also be in charge of dedicated Drugs patrol unit.

• The Ghana Navy should be assigned a task to protect our shores from Drug landings, as drugs have become the single biggest treat to our infant democracy.

The CPP (UK & Ireland) will support any bi-partisan moves to involve the entire nation in addressing the drugs menace particular moves to counter the growing use of Ghana as a transit post and Ghanaians as couriers.

The NPP Government must know that Ghanaians globally are watching their every step and their every move That the Party which claims to be champion of the “Rule of Law” with “zero tolerance” on corruption is viewed as culpable and blamed for having allowing the situation to develop under its watch. That it cannot now afford to fail the nation. Its reputation and that of the nation are now firmly intertwined.

Ghana watches and waits on the NPP Government

CPP(UK& Ireland)

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