26.06.2020 Editorial

The Beauty Of The Rule Of Law

By Daily Guide
The Beauty Of The Rule Of Law
LISTEN JUN 26, 2020

In every civilized society, norms of the animal kingdom have no place because there is a department of the state that deals with grievances through the application of the principles of justice.

Taking the law into the hands of individuals or groupings is inconsistent with civility.

The rule of law is what differentiates between a dictatorship and a democracy or better still a civilized society.

In Ghana, the rule of law yesterday reared its head once more as it has always done since true democracy returned to the country when there is gridlock over issues and same is taken to the bench for adjudication.

The decision of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and others to go to court to seek interpretation of the law as regards some aspects of the electoral law was the best recourse the political grouping and their associates took under the circumstances.

The earlier channels such as unruly conduct and even threats of mayhem which the party dangled did not only present the political grouping as an embodiment of lawlessness but also a living threat to our civilization and democracy.

Had the party isolated the threats and other inappropriate actions, it would have won many hearts.

Before yesterday's milestone was reached, we were disappointed when one of the leaders of the NDC was recorded passing inflammatory remarks which impugn the integrity of one of the most critical departments of state. The remarks attributed to him were not commensurate with his position, sadly though this has always been his stock-in-trade.

Having gone to court, he ought to have stopped all other manoeuvres and waited for the verdict to be given.

That being the case, the Supreme Court has made its position unambiguous. We will see in the coming days how the NDC will take the decision of the apex court.

We have already taken note of the deliberate misinterpretation of the judgement thereof which could be out of mischief or ignorance, the legal language.

We should all as Ghanaians learn to ensure the growth of our institutions because they constitute the bedrock of our nationhood.

When we weaken them with unwarranted and baseless remarks, we deny them the fertile ground to grow.

Politicians should know better about the importance of not talking on the hoof because it is impossible to withdraw unsavoury remarks once they are spewed in the public space.

The issue of the proof of eligibility to be registered for the new voters' roll has triggered controversy as the NDC insists on the maintenance of the old order as one of the proofs.

At a certain point, there must be a closure to a dispute more so after the judgement by the highest court of the land. With the passage of the Supreme Court judgement, we are all expected to end hostilities and move forward with the development of our democracy and therefore our country.

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