03.07.2006 Travel & Tourism

Tourism ministry to introduce Diaspora Visa

By myjoyonline
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Government would soon introduce a Diaspora Visa, which when granted after an initial visit, would allow holders free entry into Ghana.

The visa would be granted to Africans in the diaspora as part of the Joseph Project which is aimed at attracting millions of tourists to Ghana and uniting Africans all over the world.

Minister for Tourism and Diasporean Relations, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey said the project seeks to encourage every African in the Diaspora to embark on a pilgrimage to Ghana at least once in a lifetime, then subsequently as tourists and eventually as investors.

According to him the Project, which will be launched next year is based on the Biblical story of Joseph, who having been sold into slavery by his brothers, became leader of Egypt and eventually saved his people.

The project would start off with a gathering in Ghana of Africans in the Diaspora and Chiefs from the West African Coast whose predecessors were active in facilitating the slave trade to appease the returnees on behalf of their ancestors.

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