King Osei Tutu II: The Too Wise King! Happy Birthday Nana

Feature Article King Osei Tutu II: The Too Wise King! Happy Birthday Nana
MAY 7, 2020 LISTEN

The Great King of the Ashanti King Nana Osei Tutu II celebrates his 70th Birthday today. I believe there is nothing more fitting than to share my thoughts on the Great King and his legacy.

May the King forever live in millions hearts and remain a force of good that inspires all. He has been part of our everyday life. I believe that, when we say he is the King Solomon of our time, it is not an overstatement. That's how the Ghanaian people, the people of Africa and people across the world feel about the King.

He is an example of diligence and persistence to me. In so many of his royal duties, I felt and feel he put his people and the nation first. His concept of self-sufficiency is also something that is applicable to our daily life. I believe if we follow it, we will arrive at peace of mind and contentment. I attended his mother's funeral and it was an unforgettable experience for me, seeing how many Ghanaians were there to mourn with him. I felt the admiration that Ghanaians have for him in the air. There was, this overwhelming energy that I can't describe.

He is our common heart, if you will. It may be short description, but I think it best explains what is in our hearts. He will remain in our hearts forever.

There is so much for us to be thankful for when it comes to His Majesty King Osei-Tutu II Opemsoc. He continue to shape our lives in more ways. His generosity, thoughtfulness and embracing of diversity have shaped our lives, his Kingdom, and this country. I just can't imagine how different things would be if not for his dedication and his tireless efforts for our nation.

Personally, he has inspired me to make personal sacrifices for the greater good; to pursue the difficult work which must be done and to always find courage to do what is right. He doesn't live like a King, but like a father, who try his best to take care of everyone in his Kingdom and in the country.

I wish that more Ghanaians and our leaders would find the inspiration to follow his footsteps- so that they replicate his good work and achievements and take care of each other to create a happy home for all.

He embodies leadership. Whenever there was/ is a problem in the country, he teaches us that working together to solve it is important. It is rare to have a leader who's also selfless. I believe he always realizes the importance of leadership and has been a driving force to solving the many problems that Ghana faces.

The King imprints his teachings in me through his words of wisdom. He has demonstrated that although doing good for the benefit of society is very difficult and requires time to have a sustainable impact, it is something that we all must pursue with strong intent and commitment.

Our respect and love for him has always brought peace and harmony, regardless of the situation. I do hope his efforts to make our country great and to have compassion for another will be multiplied over the years to come, through what he try to demonstrate to us.

Opemsoc, Solomon had a dream in which God asked him what he wanted. Solomon answered with humility that he was only a young lad: I do not know how to go out and come in (1Kg 3:7), one who had the great responsibility of leading the nation of Israel. Solomon asked God for wisdom to always know right from wrong. God was pleased with his answer. God told Solomon that because he had not asked for long life, or great wealth, or victories over his enemies, he would be given all those things, as well as great wisdom (1Kg 3:5-14). Exactly what you exhibiting today. You did not ask for wealth, for fame, for victories- but God has given you all that and has blessed you with abundant wisdom to make right decisions.

On behalf of all the descendants of your Uncle Nana Kwasi Abrah, late chief of Kwahu Atibie and Gyasehene of Kwahu, I say Happy Happy Birthday Opemsoc !

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Author: Andrews Krow